AMD 800MHz + Abit KT7 RAID




I want your comments or suggestions on the system i want to build. I want comments on the components, the combination of different components and the troubles that might occur when putting it all together. And, perhaps you think i should spend my money more on one component and less on the other?!
I am going to overclock it in the future, when i get bored of it all. I will buy the components separately, and assemble it myself.

Abit KT7 RAID.
AMD Thunderbird 800 MHz.
2 x 128 Mb PC133 Memory (don´t know the brand, if any).
ASUS V7100 Geforce2MX + TV out AGP.
2 x IBM GXP75 30Gb 7200rpm U100 harddrives for RAID configuration.
AOpen DVD1640 Pro or Pioneer DVD 105SZ (slot in).
AOPEN CD952 52 speed CDROM.
AOPEN HQ08 BigTower case.
Coolermaster DP5-6H51 CPU Cooler.
Some IrDA interface.
E-Tech Bullet 56K Hardware PCI Modem.
Printer Hewlett Packard 970cxi.
Scanner Hewlett Packard 3400C.
Samsung 17" .26 753something Monitor.

I´ll also use my "old" my Plextor 8432 writer and my SB Live! Player 1024 Soundcard.

Well, what do you think about this?