Amd 9500 running at 1100 not 2.2 stock? help


Aug 22, 2008
Hey all... First of all im completely new to overclocking etc .. but recently I have been reading up on Oc forums etc and downloaded programs such as cpu-z and noticed that my amd 9500 is running at 1100mhz core speed and not the stock 2.2? Is something wrong here? Anyways, I was wondering how i can safely pump this up to 2.2. I am no pc wiz whatsoever but i have seen my pc under performing lately and I just want it to run like it should.

PS... forgot to add that the core speed keeps hopping from 1100 to 2000 every so often but only holds 2ghz for 1 second.. seems odd to me

Here are my specs:

amd 9500 quad core 2.2 cpu
ecs mcp61pm-gm Mobo
4g dual channel corsair
ocz 600w psu
ati 4850
win vista 32bit

Any help would be great.. thanks in advance guys :DP


Jun 4, 2006
This is a CPU feature called Cool'n'Quiet. It reduces the processors speed when it is idle, to save power. If you put a load on it, you should see it jump up to its default stock speed. You can turn this off in the BIOS if you don't want it doing that.