AMD 955 running at 800mhz


May 20, 2009
Hey guys I just put together my rig.
I got an AMD 955 and when I open cpu-z it saud my core speed is 800mhz, multipilier is x4 and voltage is .3 Its suppose to run at 3.2ghz. I havent installed any drivers so maybe thats the problem? can anyone tell me why is cpu is running at 800mhz.
Cool and quiet keeps your computer from running at full tilt all the time, you probably dont want to turn it off but if you do it should be in the bios under a CPU section. I would first check by putting the CPU underload with prime95 or something, it should jump right up to the speeds you are expecting.
are you not understanding my phrase "underload"? make it do something, anything, that will give the processor something significant to do. Run prime95, it doesnt matter how many instances of it. One should be sufficient to show you its just in power saving mode.

do not turn off cool and quiet .
Its supposed to slow the processor when you dont need all of its power . As soon as the processor needs to it will automatically speed up to 3.2 GHz .

All the rest of the time is saving you power

Run a game in a window and call up task manager or cpu-z and you will see


Sep 30, 2008
Are you using Vista?

There's some settings in Vista for different power management options. It might already be on the correct one, or might not.

However, I do not use vista so I can't recall which is the best setting - doh!!

If you turn off CnQ, you will be racing at 3.2ghz while typing an email - while this is a moderately exciting idea; it is quite a waste in the transforming world of "green". You could turn it off, just so you feel better; but really it's better on, esp. if you are the one paying the electric bill.

Another thing people don't know is that oclox settings might be undone on reboot - and this depends on which mobo you have. Asus will retain oclox settings and perform beautifully with CnQ - this is an overclocker's dream - because, again, typing a text file at 3.6ghz is rather wasteful. I recently heard also that some MSI boards will support CnQ combined with oclox. Gigabyte appears not to - and an oclock setting will be undone on reboot (except a mild oclox MIGHT be retained, or, a socalled "fsb" oclock might be retained, if not too high.

This is really inconclusive info discovered at amdzone by a few members there. Giga is supposedly working to fix this; but not yet fixed. I have no additional info re MSI mobos. But Asus is good to go.

Perhaps that will help - dunno if you are oclox or what mobo you have - but that's the scoop.

Reading mobo manuals is not just for noobs - although sometimes it may not be helpful re such situations involving bios settings, still, it might. Googles works wonders sometimes too.

Also 800 mhz is the lowest of four p-states (power states). Approx frequencies, depending on how busy cpu is:
800/1800/2200/3200 (or similar).
The cpu will change seamlessly between these 4 states when working properly, and it depends on the load. Transition is immediate and seamless.

Also - funny - re Prime95 - a 955 was observed to run at 2200mhz while running Prime. Some of us concluded that the 955 cpu just did not consider Prime to worthy of it's attention - so much for benchmarks. :) HOWEVER - this occured on a win XP system o/s, and XP is rather old for newer cpu's. Vista or W7 respond appropriately and use full speed. - so much for benchmarks :):).

Sorry I can't recall the correct best setting in windoze power management.
Perhaps someone else can.

Whatever is happening on your pc it's ok - a 955 does not always run at 800 mhz. really.