AMD 9950 and DDR2 RAM Settings _help!


Nov 10, 2008
18,510 Hi this is my first post and...I am a newb in overcloaking and stuff like that... I have bouth a AMD Phenom 9950 / MO:Gygabyte MA790Gp-DS4H, Sapphire Radeon 4850 1gb, 2x GeIL Ultra 4GB - PC2 6400 D - THE QUESTIONS..... Are related to the processor and ram settings in bios... I understand that there is a strong relationship between the two settings... my motherboard came with everything on auto...default.

1, Is this setup ok ? (game related)
2. What options should I tweak in order to make them communicate properly ?
3. If the case is 2 can you give an example .... of I should be looking for... in this RAM/CPU relationship ?

Ok Thankyou very much....
If you're not sure what you're doing read some overclocking guides first to get you started. In the likely event that you aren't going to do that and are just going to jump right in, make sure to dissable things like cool n quiet in the BIOS. It may also help to set your HT, Memory, and PCI clocks manually. You can use AMD's overdrive software to try and over clock your CPU automatically, but be aware that it could cause your system to hang.

To over clock manually raise your CPU multiplier one step at a time. Each time you raise the multiplier run Prime 95. Keep doing this till you fail Prime 95. The first time you fail try a slight core voltage increase to see if that helps with stability. If it does keep going until it fails again. Once that happens go back down a step and start raising the FSB value a few notches at a time until you are no longer stable, and then go down a few steps.