Question AMD A-Series A-6310 chipset drivers??


Sep 11, 2016
Hi all. Long stroy short, my dad has done god-knows what to his Acer laptop (
ES1-521-64XK Part Number: NX.G2KEK.023) no recovery options, think hes binned the driver discs and it sounds lke the actual HDD is corrupted. I'm going to attempt a clean install of windows on a brand new SSD and have downloaded all drivers, firmware etc from acer's website using his serial number. Only thing that confuses me is theres nothing related to the CPU to download and after googling the cpu and drivers all i got was this which only seems to pertain to graphics. I'm confused. I've refurbished my own desktop (an ancient dell) and laptop (thinkpad x230) but both have Intel CPUs and ive always found intel bits to install or they've done it automatically. Do AMD cpus need anything else downloaded and installed?

windows 10 knows what drivers to install. you need do nothing but a clean install

give it a few minutes to get it all installed. it takes a while to set up the amd stuff sometimes. but it gets it right. that's all i did for my A6 notebook. runs like a champ on an ssd

i stream video from it in HD even and it never even breaks a sweat. over wifi no less... lol, love this little beast--super cheapo too.
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