Amd A10 7850k Black Edition Problem

Jan 27, 2019
Hi. Im new in this forum, also i do not know a lot of english, i hope you guys can bring me some help with my problem. This is whats happening.
2018, i buy this pc:
Motherboard FM2-A55M-E33 V2
Amd A10 7850k Black Edition (Kaveri) 3.7 Ghz 12 Compute Cores 4C+8G (4CPUs) with an integrated R7 Graphics.
8 GB Ram DDR3
and 1Tera HDD.

the problem: a horribly bad performance in video games.
For example: I have searched on YouTube, and found, thousands of gameplays of many games, including GTA V, which I own, and in the videos, having my same specifications (THE SAME) can run it in the maximum resolution with all the effects at least and they go at least 40 fps. whereas I in 800x600 with directx 10 and all the minimum I run it at 30 fps. and so with many more games. I would like to know what is happening, I play it because it has something to do with the graphics. today I tried something new that is Overclocking and it increases the frequency to the graph and I uploaded it to 2gb which is the maximum that my built-in gpu supports, but there is no change. I hope you can help me :(

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