Question Amd a4 3300 a serious bottleneck to the gtx 1050ti

May 21, 2020
So I own a aging system with AMD A4 3300, 2x4GB 1600 mhz ram(not in dual channel for some reason due to the mobo) and a Zotac GTX 1050ti(got it used for ~80USD) and wanted to refresh it to at least play some decent games at decent graphics. Sure i was not expecting 1080 60FPS but at least a step up form the integrated graphics for the CS GO(15FPS at 1024x768), rocket league(15-20FPS @720p) and some old AAA titles from 13 or 14. Because this FM1 socket CPUs are non existent and for me to shell out for a new DDR4 setup or even the old setup with a GPU was hard i just chose this GPU first and wanted to upgrade the whole setup later to a ryzen 3 setup.

So First game was rocket league and it ran 1080p ultra at 45ish FPS and sometimes dipped to 20(understandable). I was expecting the same from other games but this where everything went down hill.

CS GO on the integrated graphics ran at 15FPS 720p and when i added the GTX 1050Ti it literally just boosted it to 20-25 let it be 1080p, 720p,even 640x480(yes 640x480). I installed MSI afterburner and observed the CPU is 99% of the time at 100% at 68Deg Celsius. How can that even happen. i was expecting at least a stable 40FPS. I even saw the RandomgamingHD YT channel testing the same CPU with 750ti get 60+ Constant in CS GO. How could this ever even happen for such a good GPU combo. I understand the bottleneck issue but this is super weird and beyond what a bottleneck is supposed to be. SO I assumed the CS GO updates might have been the reason

I fired up NFS RIVALS and same story. Any GRAPHIC SETTING or any RESOLUTION I still get only 15-20 FPS. GPU usage 15%, CPU usage 100%

So alright I went back and fired up COD world at war a game that was developed before this CPU even came up to stores. Guess what? Integrated Graphics at 1024x768 gave 15-20FPS
GTX 1050ti gave mere 25-35(40only when looked down or up to the sky) at any resolution. YES! at any resolution its the same

I even had driver sanfransico with same story. before GPU 720p any setting it was 15FPS constant and with the GPU as well its literally the same(again, AT ANY RESOLUTION)

The thing that is common all over is that the resolution isn't affecting the FPS, the CPU is. HOW CAN THAT EVER HAPPEN. I researched and few videos promising results at least 40 in old AAA titles but damn!

Any useful thoughts apart from ranting on the choice about the GPU. As i already feel I just threw my money away -_-


Apr 30, 2020
if youre going to use ryzen, it is recommended to use above 3000Mhz in dual channel, to get the best performance out of the cpu, it is also recommended to make the FCLK Freq. Half as your ram speed (Ex: your ram speed is 3200mhz so set the fclk to 1600mhz and test for stability).
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That CPU was slow even when it came out. It's really made for low-power web browsing cheap slates. Its low IPC, low clock speed and very slow RAM access make it surprisingly efficient in handheld devices, but forget about gaming with it.
Change motherboard, CPU and RAM - a brand new B550 motherboard, with a Ryzen 3300X and 2x4Gb of 3200 MHz RAM will give you world better performance for not too much money (around $300) and give you a nice upgrade path if you want to improve it in a year or 2 (a NVMe SSD, a better CPU, more RAM and a newer graphics card can plug into that without trouble).


Oct 4, 2012
That's not entirely surprising, it's essentially a single core CPU with some extra integer hardware to present itself as dual core.

That being said it should give you more than 20fps on CSGO, so you may have some other issue with your system as well.

As per others the A4-3300 was the slowest A series APU on the already slow Bulldozer release, and it's also coming up on being a decade old. It's honestly upgrade time. If you want something super cheap in-place core-doubling upgrade there's A6-3600 on ebay for like $5 shipped.

Did you install all of the drivers and similar, what Windows are you using? When's the last time you fresh installed?


Firstly, you need to differentiate meanings.

Fps is all cpu. It translates and pre-renders the game code as fast as it can according to its own clock speeds and IPC. So nothing has changed for you whatsoever, same cpu, same games = same possible fps.

Graphics is all gpu. The gpu takes the pre-rendered frames and finishes them according to detail levels and resolution. Big change there, massive upgrade from igpu to 1050ti. But thats where you personally put on the brakes. You not only increased resolution, almost doubling the amount of pixels the gpu has to populate, but also added a lot more details.

Simply meaning, if you had 15fps in CSGO at 720p, just adding the 1050ti you'd get closer to 300fps possible. By bumping resolution, that drops to closer to 200fps. Bumping details and you are at @ 100fps possible. From the gpu.

But then you have to take into consideration the maximum amount of frames per second the cpu can actually output. Which seems to be @ 25 for that cpu.

A gpu does not increase fps at all. In any way. The cpu sets the limit, and a gpu has to live upto that limit, or fail. In your case, the gpu is quite capable of exceeding the cpu set limit, so changing details or resolution doesn't change anything, you only get whatever the cpu can dish out.

The only way to increase fps is to increase the strength of the cpu. Bigger, stronger, faster = more fps available to the gpu.

What Windows are you running? Win10? If so, disable Xbox DVR and game helper. How many slots for ram on the motherboard? 2 or 4. If 2 it's automatically dual channel, if 4 then use A1/B1, A2/B2 (usually color coded, use the same color slots).
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