AMD A4-3400 will it let my fps down?


Jan 11, 2012

I have ordered a new desktop from a custom-build company and I had to stick to a small budget. So the gpu it will have is a 6850, a relativley good card that should get good framerates. But the cpu is a a4-3400 (dual core 2.7ghz). I have read some awful reviews of this saying it will get me "exceedingly bad framerate". Will it let the graphics card down? I will play WoW and TF2 and maybe more games in the future, but just those 2 for now.

So is the cpu really that bad? :/



Dec 24, 2011
That's a llano and their selling point is that they contain a decent gpu integrated. Your 6850 is far better than the integrated one btw. Amd's chips do worse per core compared to intel so a mere dual core amd is not a good choice for gaming at all. It should do tf2 and wow alright I think as they aren't very demanding games, but overall your cpu will let you down.


Dec 27, 2011
The a4-3400 wont crossfire with the 6850, so there is 100% no reason to put it in the system, kind of makes me question how intelligent the 'custom-build company' is...

Secondly, the cpu will have a bottleneck on the gpu you are getting.

You will be getting playable frame rates... but, there is no reason for them to give you a cpu like that when the build consists of a 6850, they are wasting your money.
The whole point of Llano is an inexpensive cpu with decent integrated grahpics, but to add a gpu just negates the whole point of the Llano concept.

I have to question the ethics of this "custom build company".

Problem now is if you ever want to upgrade your gpu, your going to have to upgrade the cpu too cause it's too slow.

The problem with a small budget for a gaming PC is you need to choose low end parts. The dual AMD Llanno A4-3400 is considered a low end CPU compared to more expensive CPU. You will not get "exceedingly bad framerates", but it will not be as good as more expensive CPU options.

The Llano CPU core is based on a slightly improved Athlon X2 CPU core so the A4-3400 should be a little faster than a 2.8GHz Athlon X2 240e. See below link for an approximation of what the Llano A4-3400's performance will be like relative to the inexpensive (and slow) Phenom II X2 550BE. Note that while the video card used in the comparison is not listed, the same video card should be common for all benchmark tests. Remember that these benchmarks are all relative:

You will have limited upgrade potential for that computer in the future.

Llano APUs are socket FM1. AMD's next generation of APUs coming out this year is called Trinity and they will be socket FM2. They will not be compatible with each other. Therefore, the fastest Llano CPU you can upgrade to is the A8-3850 or A8-3870k.

The A8-3870k has been recently released and allows you to overclock the CPU, assuming that the motherboard has features allowing you to do so. Don't wait too long to upgrade though because once AMD stops producing Llano APUs (when Trinity is released), the remaining Llano APUs sitting in warehouses will dry up and will cause the price to increase (the law of supply and demand).
I have the mobile version of this and it is terrible, the desktop version isn't much better. You should have sided with a quad core. I later upgraded to a a8 3530mx while the desktop versions are not all that overclockable.


May 26, 2012

I think if you get the AMD A8-3870K you would be able to crossfire with the 6850 card. If not you still have a really good card and cpu and you would be able to blow any game out the water with that combo. Also not talking about the crossfire, if you can get those to crossfire together you would prob blow WOW and TF2 on ultra settings no problem.
Also if the card ends up dieing you would have the a8 3870k for back up and the a8 3870k has better graphic rendering then the i7 sandy bridge. Still with just the a8 3870k depending on how big of a res you will be able to dominate WOW.