AMD A8-3850 APU Video Issues


Oct 23, 2010
Good morning everyone.

I just built a new HTPC using the A8-3850 APU. Just by specs alone I should have no problem decoding 1080p MKV's as long as I have the right codecs and players installed.

My machine has Windows 7 64 and I'm using the K-Lite codec pack. Whenever I stream the MKV's from my NAS to XBMC or VLC, I notice a little stutter throughout the entire length of the video. Does XBMC and VLC use external codecs or are they built into the application? I don't have troubles on my other PC with either of these programs streaming this type of video.

I'm new to these chips so I'm wondering if I need to make some system changes to get the best performance possible out of the GPU? I have the latest graphics driver from AMD.

Anyone have experience with this chips yet or have any ideas?



Mar 21, 2011
XBMC has built in codecs, and by default, I believe Hardware Accelleration is turned off. This means the GPU is not used, and since XBMC is single threaded, only one core is used as well.

To solve this, go to settings - Video - Playback, and check that "Allow hardware accelleration - DXVA2" is enabled.

Please let me know how it went, as I am concidering buying the same APU for XBMC use :)


Aug 10, 2011
I've also got the a8-3850 and tried to use xbmc in my brand new HTPC build. It failed. Playing a 45GB .m2ts files, crapped out at the 3:06 mark and went back to the Video/Movie section of XBMC. I could exit XBMC normally as it didn't crash, but it never worked properly after trying various configurations DXVA2 enabled/disabled, etc. Worse yet, I put in an older ATI HD4870 GPU with the latest Catalyst drivers from July 27th, played the same movie, but this time, the HTPC shut down after 6 minutes of play. The PSU I'm using is a Silverstone [Seasonic] Strider Plus 500W model......more than enough to handle the GPU. GPU is fine in my desktop PC where I pulled it from. My OS in the HTPC [Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit], runs fine with the GPU added in, but only shuts down the HTPC when XBMC is if I had my choice, I would've bought Intel, as now I have a useless POS on hand that won't work the way I thought it should. Damn the reviewers on this APU!
It is sad that AMD locked the multipliers on these but lucky for laptop users of their apu-s they didn't ;) I agree that you will have to try faster higher end ram and overclock the cpu on the side for better overall performance. The IGP on these apu-s are very good but are held back as most are low clocked.