AMD AM2 HP slimline upgrade problem


Feb 18, 2010
Hi guys, got a 2nd hand HP Pavilion Slimline 3xxx computer and am considering upgrading the CPU. I noticed that it is an Asus OEM motherboard M2N61-AR, but is very confused on which processors are ok. I intend to buy AthlonII x4 630. Some says AM3 CPUs work on AM2 motherboard but some said no. Right now very confused. Can anyone offer help. Thanks.
Unless the system is almost brand new, chances are it won't post with some of the am3 cpus. It's difficult to predict which cpus will work unless you get lucky and find someone who's tried this before. The 630 is 95 watts; the limit on some older oem boards is sometimes only 65 watts. They aren't designed to upgrade the cpu easily. Use cpuid to check the motherboard chipset; the 6100 is too old for am3, while the 6150se may work without a bios flash.


AM3 processors are physically compatible with AM2/AM2+, but they usually won't work unless there is a bios update for the motherboard. Most OEM computers don't bother to update the BIOS to support any new processors that come out after the computer was made, because they would much rather you buy a new computer than upgrade the one you've got.

You'll need to try and find a cpu support list for that board, but personally I'm doubting anything AM3 will work.