Discussion AMD "AM5" CPU Socket pictured In latest Renders, LGA 1718 Pin Design

Hi you guys must be aware of this, but it appears that new renders of AMD's AM5 CPU socket have been shared online. New renders of AMD's next-generation AM5 CPU socket which will support upcoming 2022's Ryzen Desktop CPUs have been published by ExecutableFix. The renders show a similar retention socket as Intel's mainstream LGA socket.

The AMD AM5 platform will bring a host of new features and will also carry the latest LGA 1718 socket which is designed to support the next-generation Ryzen Desktop. Renders of this new socket have been posted by ExecutableFix who was also the first to unveil the IHS and package design of the Zen 4 powered Raphael Desktop CPUs which are aiming at a launch in late 2022.

Looking at renders, we can see that the retention design for AM5 'LGA 1718' socket is very similar to existing Intel CPU sockets. The socket has a single latch & gone are the days of worrying about pins underneath your precious processors. The next-gen Ryzen CPUs will feature a land grid array packaging and the pins will be featured in the socket itself that will make contact with the LGA pads under the processor.

View: https://twitter.com/ExecuFix/status/1420804718863978496

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As the images reveal, the AMD Ryzen Raphael Desktop CPUs will feature a perfect square shape (45x45mm) but will house a bulky integrated heat spreader or IHS. The particular reasoning behind it is so dense is unknown, but it could be to balance out the thermal load across multiple chiplets or some entirely another purpose, IMO. The sides are similar to the IHS featured on the Intel Core-X line of HEDT CPUs though.

I can't tell if the two partitions on each side are cut-outs or merely reflections from the render but in the case of these being cut-outs, we can expect the thermal solution has been designed to vent air out but that would mean that hot air would blow out towards VRMs of the motherboards or become trapped within this central chamber. Again this is mere speculation so let's wait and see the final design of the chip and remember that this is a mockup render so the final design could end up much different.
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