AMD and Intel, I love them both.


Mar 19, 2004
Ok, I just got here a few days ago (Been reading Tom’s reviews for years, but just ventured into the forums) and I see a ton of “AMD fan boy” this and “Intel fan boy” that.

I understand brand loyalty and all, but never seen such a group of people hate such great companies. Both Intel and AMD are outstanding companies with proven track records for producing quality products. I have never seen an article about either company using unethical trade practices. Closest thing I can ever point to is the AMD product labeling. But being that there products were accurately numbered to reflect the Intel speeds, I don’t see this as an unethical thing.

Yes Intel cost more, but that’s capitalism. I promise you AMD would charge the same as Intel if they felt they could get it (as they should). That’s the way it’s supposed to be.

If every other company in the computer world (i.e. Microsoft) produced products even remotely close to the quality of these companies the computer world would be a much better place.

Where does all the hate come from?


Nov 10, 2003
Where does all the hate come from?
People generally never are satisfied. So when they buy something they want it to be the best and the greatest. If someone tells them one month later that they bought something better for less money from the different brand, all hell breaks loose...

It's like comparing penis sizes I guess. Does size matter?


Nov 24, 2003
That's a good way to put it. Basically you spend 1 grand for a P4EE and they release an article saying a 780 dollar cpu is better, i'd be pissed too.

Computers really are like a sport. Whoever has the most funds/connections can have the highest scores. Although there are a few that know how to tweak here and there for maxinum scores.

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