AMD are mis-selling ALL their Radeon HD cards

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Sep 24, 2009
It is your fault, i agree with post above. I have had many problems with cheaper motherboards. I only buy higher standards ones because of all the errors and problems they will have.


Apr 9, 2008
I really dont want to be a bitch, but i read both links you brought up. It is a chipset/BIOS problem.

I got friends with a 4850 and 915NB working without a itch. And btw, you got a really Old pc there.
Congrats on getting ATI to admit it's an issue. But I beg to differ that it's unfixable: Replace your (rather old) motherboard with a new one. Problem solved.

Now: You may not consider that a 'fix' - But it's guaranteed to solve the issue and a whole *hell* of a lot cheaper than paying even the retainer necessary to convince a (lawyer/solicitor) to look up from between his secretary's thighs long enough to read your case. At which point he'd tell you p*ss off because it's not worthy of his attention, unless - of course- your're willing to pay his hourly rate. In which case he'd happily milk you for many hundreds of times the cost of a new motherboard.

Though I can see that you're rather thoroughly wrapped up in your little crusade, so... Have Fun!*

(*'cos it is amusing ;) )


Some people are just unbelievable. You try to put recent hardware into some crappy old ancient pc, find it doesn't work (do you really expect anyone to test todays hardware on 10 year old pc's btw?), THEN AMD even send you a free chip and mobo upgrade and you whine and whine on about it?

Be glad you got a free upgrade and gtfo you whinging arse.


first of all, you dont put a high end gcard in a budget oem build, hyper threading and SMT (Simultaneous Multithreading) are 2 completely different applications based on the same principle, thats why they left it out of the core series,
You know, I believe later Intel 775 chips don't work in the first 775 boards because of BIOS problems, but you don't see anyone whining about it anymore. They got over it.

Really though, there is nothing wrong with you bringing up a major (to you and others with your system) incompatibility like this. Our problem is the way you brought it up. Flinging accusations at a company for not testing every motherboard made in the past 10 years is just annoying. Furthermore, if you wanted a box that works without any incompatibilities, buy a prebuilt system and don't modify it. You have to remember these cards are made for current systems. AMD/NVidia/Intel cannot and should not try to make them compatible with all systems in existence, and thusly cannot be expected to test them in all systems in existence.

Well - Let us know how you get on, then :lol:

Though I will add: Here is the USA, if you're willing to finance it then you can sue pretty much anyone for pretty much anything. Just so long as you're also prepared to accept the court's findings. And be advised they very well *can* order you to pay the people you sued compensation above and beyond reimbursing them their legal costs if they decide you're being a tw@t. But since it appears you're in the UK, my understanding is the courts there have more control over what cases they will and will not agree to hear. So, I'm looking forward to seeing the (very short, I'm sure) YouTube video of you getting tossed out of court on your whinging arse for wasting their time on a frivolous case because the card you bought isn't fully functional on a computer that is most of a decade out of warranty.
..perhaps Paul Reubens could play the lead role!

And just a thought, did you think my intention was to destroy an excellent pioneer of computing like AMD/ATI with this thread?

Or perhaps i was simply trying to help the people that AMD refuse to help. 99% of the comments i have recieved over the web are directed at me, when i was simply looking to help other people.

Neither - Just an epic Whinge.
Sorry Jayce85, you are way off base here. Newer components and compatibility issues with older chipsets is nothing new and par for the course when dealing with technology.

Jayce85 wrote: I have attached a link to another post of mine, in that thread is a signed letter from AMD to myself admitting that there are issues regarding older motherboards and their inability to allocate the extra sound resources throguh the PCI Express slot.
If the 915 chipset were made by AMD I would give your complaint some consideration, but given the 915 chipset is an Intel product, the fact that AMD admitted issues with older motherboards is no way implicates that they are at fault or misrepresented their products.

Seriously, the fact that the 3850 is not fully compatible with the 915 chipset is, bottom line, not actually AMD's fault; technically it's an issue with Intel not being able to see into the future and realize the endless combination of chipset and components every user could possibly want.

Jayce85 wrote: AMD state that ALL Radeon HD cards are backwards compatable with PCI Express motherboards.
And AMD is correct in stating this. Given that PCIe is an industry standard and AMD manufactures their video cards to meet that standard, in of itself, makes that statement true. If you take that statement too literally and actually believe that the AGP version of the 3850 is backwards compatible with PCIe motherboards, then you are just naive.

Again, sorry Jayce85, but you are off base with this one, AMD is not breaking any law or misrepresenting their products.

As they say, caveat emptor.


Sep 2, 2008
I think you're making a major misunderstanding. Your motherboard/chipset is incompatible with the GPU, not the other way around.

Also, if you just don't install the sound drivers, it won't have a problem.

AMD is in no way responsible for posting system requirements on their boxes, they do not sell their cards anymore, all cards are sold via OEM so you lose on that count, you should be suing the OEM you bought it from instead but its not their chip on the card causing the issue so they arent really liable for the issue. Also their card is compatible, you can see your desktop with it right? If you can see your desktop then it is compatible and functional, game perfomance issues are caused by the combination of many seperate drivers that may or may not play nicely within the operating system

Also a 3850 is a high end card, it was one of the best cards available a while ago, but then the G200 and 4xxx series came out but the 3850 is still a high end card relative to most out there.

And i also googled the 2 things that you said to in your post, only a little over 7000 hits, if i was AMD i would be very proud of that number, probably a million cards sold between the 3850 and the 2600 and only 7000 issues is damn good.

Quit being whiny and dont expect modern tech to work well with an old system without a fair amount of tinkering, if you want it to just work, get a mac but never plan to upgrade, but even they dont always work, it is impossible to make software or hardware work on all possible systems, i would never have even considered putting a 3850 onto my old pentium 4 even though it had an AGP slot.

In the future, do research, ask questions, and fix the issue, and if it cant be fixed return the hardware as faulty. Dont bitch everywhere you can, it just proves that the problem isnt in the computer, its in the chair.


Jul 3, 2007

Stop spamming boards.

This is the third or fourth time I've seen this.

I wouldn't be one bit surprised if this is the Nvidia response to the "can of whoop ass" ATi just opened on them.

Hows things in Santa Clara? Any word on GT300 or is it as f**ked as charlie says?


Jul 3, 2007

Hmmm, my suspicions are only strengthened by the legal talk.

This smells straight from Santa Clara.

Ignored you?

Did you get a new CPU?

Did you get a new motherboard?

Do you understand what the word "ignored" means?
Again though, the non-HD audio portion should work just fine, so not installing the driver will allow for compatability issues to go away. Anyone who buys a GPU for sound processing gets what they deserve anyways.
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