AMD / ASUS case???



I am looking for a decent looking case for a pc that I am building and want to know what ya'll recommend? I have an ASUS a7m mobo with an AMD 1.33 GHz
300 watts enough? or 400?
how many fans? should i need to buy more?
best sites to go to for great cases
Thanx for the help!
The more the better with power supplies.

The more the better with case fans too. he he

Be sure to have an equal number of intakes and exhasts. Also, think about where you want the case fans. Heat goes up so it is a good idea to have the exhausts at the top of the case (usually at the back or a chimney set-up). Your power supply counts as 1 intake remember. If possible try to get the air flowing in one direction through the case and around all the components which require cooling.

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I just bought an Aopen HX08 full tower. Load of room inside for all sorts of requirements.

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