Question amd card w/ freesync or nvidia card without g-sync


May 3, 2017
So a dilemma has been brought to my doorstep, I've started a setup wide upgrade, and my upgraded pc specs so far are:
16gb ddr4 ram
rysen 7 2600x
gtx 1060

ans the final thing for me to upgrade is my gpu, now since I have two viewsonic 144hz freesync monitors then I would like to use the freesync feature, buuuut nvidia has shown really good perfomance in my opinion. Now since I have no idea what the amd 5700xt and rtx 2060/2070 super will be then I don't know what to do. Do I get the upcoming amd card and enjoy freesync or get the upcoming nvidia card and the only drawback is that my monitor's freeysnc will be useless. My budget is somewhere around 500€/$
I mostly play fps games like cs:go, overwatch and AAA games.
Free-sync wont be useless since many free-sync monitors now work with Nvidia cards. Now the list Nvidia officially supports is fairly small however there are lots of lists on forums and reddit that show whcih ones work perfectly, work with minor issues or dont work at all. So you may want to research the compatibility of your monitor.

I have a Viotek monitor with free-sync and aside from minor screen flicker in menus on some games, have no issues.

But since AMD is annoucing the cards in less then a week, wait for the reviews and see how they stack up to Nvidias cards, since the new 2060 and 2070 Supers are quite impressive.