News AMD Claims World’s Fastest Per-Core Performance with New EPYC Rome 7Fx2 CPUs

Glad to see AMD introducing more options into the more frequency optimized areas of the server market. Sacrificing some efficiency and some of the low pricing in order to challenge Intel in the frequency department I think is worth it, as then there are simply more AMD options for customers to choose from.
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Intel's Ice Lake Server is on the roadmap for the fall, with up to 38 cores, 64 PCIE4 lanes, 8 channels DDR4 3200, AVX512, dlboost according to leak from last Oct.
Just in time to go up against Epyc 7003 series. I can just about guarantee you that no one will buy a 38 core CPU for a vSphere environment due to the licensing changes. That will make that CPU pretty much irrelevant, much the same way as AMDs 48 core CPU is pretty irrelevant due to current vSphere licensing.


240W TDP for a 16 core CPU? 180W for an 8 core on the most advanced 7nm node? Not so easy to hit those topend clock speeds that Intel has done on old 14nm is it?
Apples vs. oranges.

Compared with desktop Ryzens, Epyc's additonal cache, PCIe lanes, memory controllers, and onboard south bridge logic all burn additional power. Compared with Intel Cascade Lake, the Zen2 cores are architecturally wider (in addition to the other stuff I just mentioned).

Basically, don't get distracted by shiny clock speed numbers. Just pay attention to the actual benchmarks. You can find loads more, here:

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