News AMD Confirms Move From Ferrari, Backs Mercedes-AMG Formula One Team


A high-performance chip maker partnering with a high-performance car maker.
Er... you mean a different high-performance car maker. A more winning one.

The car will boast AMD branding on the side, and Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Botta will drive it
There are two cars, and they're simultaneously driven by Hamilton and Bottas, who race each other only slightly less than they race against everyone else.

I think Hamilton and Bottas better match Lisa Su's temperament, while Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel reminds me a little more of Nvidia's Jensen Huang.


Formula One? Really? F1 is yesterday's innovation. If anything, they should support Formula E.
Eh, I mean yes... but also, no.

Have you actually watched a Formula-E race? I've watched a few, and they're a little more like chess matches than the kind of wheel-to-wheel racing that makes F1 so exciting. Perhaps that could change, but the continual focus on energy-conservation keeps speeds down and bunches up all of the cars in a big train, kind of like NASCAR restrictor-plate races (which I also don't watch).

I can think of a couple more interesting developments, in racing:
  • Drone racing
  • Autonomous car racing
Of course, they both still have a long way to go, before they could potentially attract crowds and viewership like F1. In fact, I don't know if they ever will.

BTW, did you know that F1 cars have hybrid engines that use two different energy recovery systems? Even though they're petrol-based, it's not like they're not still pushing the technical envelope.

Also, F1 recently announced plans to go carbon-neutral. Most of the emissions caused by the sport aren't from the race cars, but from moving all of the equipment and people from one track to another, every couple weeks. It's like the world's biggest, internationally travelling circus.