Question Amd cpu/gpu system freezes randomly

Jan 25, 2021
Hello to all friends. I have a problem for a few months now with my system. The system was made at early 2019. The specs are:
  1. Amd Ryzen 5 2600 with Be Quiet Pure Rock Slim cpu cooler because the original from amd sucked
  2. Asus Tuf b450 plus
  3. Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8GB DDR4-3000MHz (CMK16GX4M2B3000C15) set up in xmp 2 profile in bios 2966mhz
  4. Gigabyte Radeon RX 580 8GB Gaming
  5. Corsair Force MP510 240GB for windows 10 main boot disk , 2 SSDs for linux and 2 HDD for other files, so totally 5 drives
  6. Corsair VS650 PSU 80plus wich is the oldest part from my previous 2014 build but never had any problems
  7. 5 fans, the one is rgb the others simple
  8. A simple 24''FHDmonitor/mouse/keyboard
My problem is that, in random times, maybe once or two per week , or once per 2 days, the pc suddenly and ONLY when idle (downloading something or browsing internet etc, NEVER ever happend while playing games , rendering videos or hard multitasking, or even in numberous stress tests i have done) hard freezes.
That means that for 1 or 2 minutes i can use already opened programs but no others , i can open task manager but i cannot end a task, keyboard and mouse works. After 1 or 2 minutes pc totally hangs and i must hard reset it from button. Keep in mind that the image in screen doesnt disappear and no BSOD have ever happened. When that occures , i have seen two things:

  1. My rgb fan stucks to a colour (i have set it in rainbow mode) and that means that software doesnt work anymore or CPU-MOBO combo lost connection
  2. In task manager, GPU utilization is showing -1% , yes minus one percent!!!!!! How can that even be possible?
The real problem is that i cannot see anything on event viewer , no crash dumps have been made. The only thing that it says ,is event kernel something that windows didnt shut down properly.

What i have done about it already:

  1. Changed mobo to this ASUS that i currenlty have from MSI Tomahack, because i had a problem with the sound and thought that mobo was the problem. Now with ASUS , sound is ok but problem still occures.
  2. Checked with every possible program every disk for errors. The only one that popped up 1 time and the never again , is a HDD that HARD DISK SENTINEL showed problems in communication between host and disk 26708 times.
  3. Check with 3 memtest (widnows test, memtest86+ and memtest86) ram for issues , leaved it overnight with no errors, except in memtest86+ that in test 7 showed a few errors but i read that is an very old abandoned test not suitable for modern amd cpus and that might be most probably a bug.
  4. Runed prime85 , cinebench, aida and furmark benchmarks for a quite logn period of time >1hours , with no problems.
  5. Played Cyberpunk, witcher 3, pubg, cs go and many other games with the maximum settings my gpu can handle with no problems ever\
  6. Checked every cable and connector inside and outside the pc and none was loosen or destroyed.
  7. Updated BIOS to latest version
  8. All drivers are updated to latest version (amd gpu drivers , chipset drivers etc) and i have set the amd ryzen power plan.
  9. Fast boot enable or disabled didnt make any change
  10. MSI afterburner enable or disabled didnt make any change
  11. Aurus sync for rgb enable or disabled didnt make any change
  12. XMP on or of didnt make any change
  13. Checked thermals , change thermal compound on cpu, everything is great (GPU max temp<70 and CPU max temp<67
What i am thinking:
  1. MOBO is most probably not the problem because i changed it one time
  2. CPU had two benned pins that i fixed (maybe that made a damage ??) The pins were slightly benned and i just took a toothpick and with little force made them straight again. This happened 1 year ago and i dont think that its the problem
  3. All started after i changed my PC CASE from a coolermaster to an aerocool and istalled the rgb fan in addition to the others. dunno if that matters
  4. Becaue i never had any problems when gpu and cpu hit max clock speeds , i believe that PSU is not the problem, or else in high demand states would had gave me BSOD or lags or something.
  5. I am making PCs from a little kid (now i am 33 years old) and this is the first time i dont know what the problem is.
  6. I will try working only in linux (ubuntu) for a few days to see if the problem replicates there. If not, well then its a win 10 related issue. If yes, its a hardware failure.
What do u think about all these? Can anybody give me tip or anybody had the same experience?

Sorry for the long post and i am thankful for all the imminent answers.