News AMD Demos AMD Advantage Gaming PC: RDNA 3 Meets Zen 4

Oct 11, 2022
AMD trying to become the next Alienware? They already got the crazy price.
It is Origin PC (Corsair). If you don't want the crazy price you can always build yourself from ground up and not using any prebuilt pcs to save money at some components. I know that Corsair components are expensive cuz i just built my Corsair system last month (R9 5900X + RX 6950XT , cost about $3600), but the build quality is worth the price.

Though, yea i admit that AMD Zen4 Processors are expensive, but at least the MSRP of the Radeon RX7000s is still almost the same as its predecessor, and not increasing significantly considering all of the pros they offered, compared to RDNA2.
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Dec 29, 2007
I wonder, as it isn't mentioned, will NVMe on 5.0 be required? I mean, with such high -high end requirements they really should.

But let's face it, if they eventually release AMD Advantage with more realistic specs it will make more sense. This way it just looks like premium marketing.

Now B650X, R5 7700, 7700XT, EXPO RAM, NVMe, Gold PSU, good air cooling, ... and tweak and optimize... That would be more of my kind of Advantage.