Question AMD driver crashes windows

Apr 15, 2019
Problem: Installing AMD drivers causes screen to go black after Windows logo and Windows 7 does not boot/Windows 10 crashes.

Tried to hide info that may be useless, to summarize, you may ignore it.

I've had this desktop since 2012 (original CDs are lost) and the only hardware added was a Samsung Evo in 2015 used for OS leaving the HDD as storage. As far as I remember I always used AMD Catalyst. Had Windows 7 ultimate SP1 since the beginning and was last clean installed over a year ago with automatic updates disabled, but regularly checked by me.

My Specs:

Micro QuadCore AMD Phenom II X4 850, 3279 MHz (16.5 x 199)
Memory Kingston DDR3 4GB 1333
GPU: AMD Radeon SAPPHIRE HD 6670 (1gb) GDDR5 DP
Power Source: Sentey ERP500-ss (500 W)

It's worth noting that this motherboard has integrated graphics though my monitor is connected to the GPU using a VGA cable with a DVI adapter.

Latest events:
On March 22 I installed Furi from Origin and it downloaded Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable (x64) - 12.0.30501 and Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable (x86) - 12.0.30501.
So far so good I ran the game a few times and played it for about 30 minutes then dropped it. On Friday 12 I ran Furi from Origin and instead of starting, some download was made (these Visual C++ 2013 again). After that the game ran as usual. I had a conflict with gamepad with a software similar to xpadder and I had uninstalled on March 22. So I altabbed, went to uninstall programs and my first two programs (chronologically sorted) were those Visual C++ Redistributable which had been reinstalled again. When I tried to go back to my game I had a black screen and the device did not respond again. I'm telling you this just in case it's important, but I think this is not related to my problem.

The black screen forced me to hard reset my PC. Scandisk started but found no problem, however after Windows logo I got only black screen (keyboard LEDs on) again. Started again in Safe Mode and left the antivirus running, nothing found. So I decided it was a good opportunity to clean install Windows again. Everything worked fine until I restarted the PC. Again the same problem and could only start in safe mode. This way I discovered that Windows updated was downloading video drivers and that was my issue.

Windows Update log:
" ATI Technologies Inc. - Display - AMD Radeon HD 6600 series
Installation date: ‎4/‎13/‎2019 2:15 PM
Installation status: Successful
Update type: Recommended
ATI Technologies Inc. Display software update released in April, 2011"

My guess is that I always used Catalyst latest drivers and since these have been discontinued for a while no update could be the cause of conflict, so I opened the case and checked if everething was ok, I have no idea about hardware but at simple glance nothing was out of place.

After that I tried to install different drivers with AMD's Catalyst and Crimson and directly from the Device Manager, following different AMD and Tomshardware threads.

I did install all these drivers in Windows 7

Since blindly installing drivers was a total waste of time, forcing me to start Windows in safe mode to uninstall my drivers and restart Windows, I checked my BIOS for Primary Video Controllers and as far as I understood this was ok


Today I just opened the case again and made a closer inspection and further cleaning and nothing seems to be clearly broken or disconnected. Again, I'm quite ignorant of hardware issues.

Later I installed Windows 10 by formatting the SSD following the last post here which recommended going offline and installing latest drivers using Device Manager and further steps I could not reach. In Windows 10, during installation of drivers an interrupted notification sound was heard (as if a message is popping up and the system crashes) at the same time screen goes black and after waiting 15 minutes nothing happens. (Different from Windows 7 that requires restart, so the crash always happens during boot, in Windows 10 the system goes down automatically)

In Windows 10 I installed these from Device Manager (latest drivers from Crimson and Catalyst)

Then I decided to let Windows do its work. Windows 10 automatic update did the same plus a kind of interference noise from my case. Also tried to let Catalyst install the drivers with no avail.

During the multiple times I restarted my PC with Windows 10 today there was only once a brown screen (split second prior to black screen) between the Windows logo with the circling dots and prior to the welcome window which never shows.

I can still try to reinstall the vBios and I'm looking for someone with another PC to try my GPU on another mother. Since it's a quite old config it's getting difficult to get that done.

I'm looking for other options to rule out whether this a hardware or software issue. Thanks
Apr 15, 2019
Just tried in safe mode using DDU and latest drivers and same crash happened. I took the opportunity to check fan activity and all remain active at least during 5 minutes after black screen (then I powered off). Case fans, CPU fan, PSU fan and GPU fan all active.