Question AMD driver issue that messes with screen


Sep 4, 2017
Not the first time my screen goes black on me completely out of the blue. At first I thought my pc was crashing on me, since moving the mouse didn't seem to do anything, but today, I had the idea (that I should have had a long time ago) to first try and unplug/replug my display port cable to my monitor, and I was greeted with the following AMD message.

And then a few minutes later on the bottom right corner of my screen I got an AMD message saying that the drivers or settings (didn't have time to read) were restored to default.

What should I do? This happens I wanna say, maybe 3 times a month. Approximately.
I've heard I should use DDU in safe mode. Why is that?
I'm honestly not sure because I never bother with safe mode. Here's what I do:

#1 - Disable my ethernet port in the Network & Sharing Centre
#2 - Run DDU
#3 - Restart
#4 - Run DDU again
#5 - Restart
#6 - Enable my ethernet port in the Network & Sharing Centre
#7 - Install Adrenalin Drivers
#8 - Restart

I think that the whole thing takes less than ten minutes.

DDU states that safe mode isn't vital but recommends running DDU twice if not in safe mode. I've never bothered with safe mode and I've never had problems arise because of it. Safe mode just guarantees that everything is cleaned in a single pass. I prefer just to run it twice because there's less that can go wrong.