Question Amd drivers update always fail


Nov 25, 2015
Hello there, I am having an issue that has lasted for I would say at least 2 years.

Whenever I tried to update my XFX R7 370 2gbGDDR5 drivers, from 16.6.1 to anything that is beyond that, version 17, 18, 19 and even 20, the update always fails during the middle, the screen goes black for a few moments, then I get notified with a Display driver failed to start, and in device manager my r7 370 has a warning sign near it.
I have tried many things, from using DDU, and uninstalling everything, to unplugging my ethernet cable while the update happens, but nothing works.

So far only version 16.6.1 works, and I have been able to play every games I wanted, so I thought it wasn't so troubling been stuck on 2016 drivers.
Unfortunately call of duty warzone and other recent games, don't seem to work stating my drivers are too old.

Any help?

PC specs;
i5 6500
8gb ddr4
r7 370 2gb
1tb storage
windows 10 64bit