Question AMD Drivers - Windows 11 auto-installing 'Optional' update??

Oct 2, 2022
On my adrenalin I use recommended only for drivers, and in my windows 11 update, I always do the windows updates, but I saw the new AMD "optional" driver in the windows "optional" updates. I left it alone, didn't check the box, and left it in there... today my screen flickered, so, I go into windows update and the optional update (1) is now (0)... the thing installed itself!! Didn't think it would happen since I never told it to. Anyone know why? So then in adrenalin after that - the place where it shows which driver you have and to search for update and the drop down for Recommended or Recommended + Optional, that area, is totally gone. I rolled back the driver from device manager and now its all back to normal and I can search for driver again.
*So is the only way to perpetually avoid this is to use the most up to date drivers even if they are "optional" or maybe less stable?
I also went back into windows update and search for updates and the "optional" newer driver for AMD didn't show up - at least yet. Maybe it needs more time.
Any insight as to possible ways to fix it, should I just use the 'Recommended + Optional' to avoid this? People always crap on the optional ones but...