Chip in a box

Mar 2, 2012
Sysmark is a rubbish benchmark but no matter what the pentium is faster except for gaming where it's worse unless you add a discrete graphics card. They are different kinds of chip - the E series AMD chips are better for HTPC's and very light use while the pentium is more of a general budget chip. If all you want is some light gaming and internet go with the e350 or e450 and if you want medium settings gaming get the pentium and a graphics card like a HD 6770.
The e350 and e450 are about the most minimum for gaming as one can get without a discrete gpu. For general use with win vista or win7 performance isn't going to be great and the cpu side of things is very very very weak. The other big weakness of this apu is the sluggish memory controller that leaves the gpu and cpu starved of bandwidth.

In short only consider for HTPC and mobile use only.
The Pentium Dual Core is more powerful than the AMD e-450. There are many models of the Pentium Dual Core since the clockspeed ranges between 1.3GHz and 2.3GHz. The AMD E-450 is 1.6GHz I think.

Click the following link which will provide you a link that ranks mobile CPUs based on several benchmarks. The slowest Pentium Dual Core is the SU4100 model @ 1.3GHz; it is ranked #342. Naturally faster models would be ranked higher. The AMD E-450 is ranked #362. You can filter on those two CPUs by checking off the boxes and click "Restrict" at the top.