Amd e300 vs intel i3


Apr 10, 2012

Looking to buy a new laptop, to be used for light computer use - web surfing, emailing, etc, as well as watching movies and downloading TV shows. Is there any difference between the AMD E300 vs. the Intel i3 that I really need to know about before buying?
The E300 is less powerful compared to the Core i3. There is a pretty large difference in performance between the two CPUs.

Click the link below and select the mobile Core i3-2357 (Rank/Position #249 - this is least powerful Core i3 laptop CPU), then select the AMD E-450 (Rank #361). There are no benchmarks available for the AMD E-300 (Rank #384). Click the "Restrict" button at the top to filter on just these two CPUs. In some benchmarks higher is better in other benchmarks lower is better. Google the various benchmarks if you don't know what they are used to test for.