AMD FX-4170 vs AMD 955 be

Most folks will say that the 955 would be better for gaming. As for me, I'd go with the FX CPU because I can overclock it to at least mid 4Ghz range on air. Whichy would be superior to the 955. The frame rates in games would be fairly similar, but if the 955 is cheaper than go ahead and get that.
Unfortunately, you've already selected the best answer, but the 4170 FAR outpaces teh 955. The 4170 is not a higher clocked 4100. It is a 125w part, where the 4100 is 95w. This allows an even larger overclock relative to it's base speed than the 4100. At 4.8 ghz, My 4170 is posting slightly higher numbers than a 2120 in a similar configuration. The 955 just can't match that.

No, that is not how it works. They ARE the same part. The 4170 has a higher power rating because it uses more power due to the higher stock clock speed. That's a power usage rating. Don't know where you got the idea that power usage equals more overclock.



Jul 21, 2010

says 125 watt design...



i did hear that the fx 4170 does clock well starting at around 4.2ghz though...



MID 4ghz range ??? Its already got a stock clock of 4.2ghz !

No, it says its TDP is 125 watts. There is a difference. You obviously don't understand what those ratings mean.

Those ratings are a measure of expected power usage. It has nothing to do with their design, other than the overall arch performance and stock clock and voltage.

A Phenom II 65 watt part and 140 watt part, provided they are from the same revision, are of identical design. The 140 watt part is simply clocked faster and therefore uses more power.

Put simply, its a power consumption measure AT THE STOCK SETTINGS. Not some magical overclocking rating.