AMD Fx-8350 vs Intel i5 4690K


Apr 29, 2015
I am looking to build a PC, and I have settled on everything, but I cannot seem to figure out which these processors i want to get. I have watched many benchmarking videos comparing the two of these in games, and they look fairly similar. I really want to get the i5, but i cannot justify spending ~$70 extra unless the difference in performance is truly great. I understand how one chip is older than the other and blah blah blah. What I want to know is mainly based on performance of sheer gaming. Im talking frames here. I intend on play Star Citizen, The Witcher 3, and BF4. I want whatever card is going to get me the best FPS for the price. I don't really want to spend more money on a chip if it is only going to be a minimal difference.


Jan 13, 2015
The 4690K is a better processor unless you are running multiple games at the same time where the total number of threads utilized would be greater than 4. (Such as running 8 instances of world of warcraft)


MMOs generally thrive on single core performance, and the Crysis engine in particular for Star Citizen.

Frostbite for battlefield also shows huge gains from CPU performance in multiplayer.

Generally a high performance AMD build and an overclocking Intel build come out to about the same.

If you plan for overclocking an FX-8350 then you need decent motherboards and cooling that can handle the power requirements. Whereas the Intel chip starts off at much lower power requirements. This can push you down a notch on power supply and heatsink needs.

Really up to you, a highly overclocked FX chip will certainly compete with an i5. When you start heavily overclocking an i5, it becomes quite clear which is faster.

If you aren't planning on overclocking, then an H97 motherboard and i5-4460 is very price competitive.




watching video's on youtube is not what you actually see while playing on that system, youtube videos are generally 30fps and will cover up any differences.
Why dont you look through the thousands of other fx 8xxx vs haswell i5 threads that are already here. But generally the i5 is faster overall for gaming, sometimes minimally, sometimes significantly depending on game. If the cost difference between processors means you have to sacrifice on vid card performnace, like if getting the i5 meant you could only get a r9 270x, but the 8350 gives you the $$ to get a 280x, then going with the better vid card is going to give you better performance. If were going into 970 vs 980 territory, then the i5 + 970 would give better overall performance than an 8350 + 980. Its all about getting a well balanced rig, avoiding any particular part bottleneckiong another, and getting the best overall system for your $$.

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