AMD Gaming Build for 1.2k


Oct 8, 2010
Last year I did an i5 build with a GTX 470 and it's been running strong but after reading all the hype regarding AMDs new Bulldozer processor coming out in Sept. (Last I heard) I'm thinking about doing a new AMD gaming build. Is this processor everything it's hyped to be?

My build would include the top end of the Bulldozer line, a high end motherboard and spend 3-500 on 1 or 2 video cards. When is AMDs new video card series coming out? Also will likely do a 3rd gen SSD and a HDD for storage.

Any input or opinions would be appreciated. Thanks.


Apr 29, 2011
Nobody knows when these things will be out. Last I heard I think they were delayed a while longer. Maybe end 2011 or beginning 2012. It's still hard to say how well they will compete with intel. Me personally....since you already have a good build I would just do whatever upgrades are needed instead of throwing so much more money in to another complete system.

Do some mobo upgrades to newer chipsets and video card sli or just a whole new single card like the 580 or 6970 and maybe PSU if needed.