Question AMD Graphic driver not often not loading with PC.


Jun 15, 2015
Hi guys, so I have this pretty weird problem that I had for about a year now, and recently i reinstalled my Windows 10 thinking it was going to be solved but still remains on fresh system. Sometimes, actually almost every other time, let's say 40% of the time, when i power up my PC and sign in to Windows, i notice my taskbar being transparent which is a sign to me to hit right click on desktop and see that AMD Software is missing from the menu meaning my driver is missing and games will not run, so i have to restart the PC and then it loads, never had to restart more than once. But it is very frustrating, and was wondering if anyone had a solution for this problem? Thanks.

Also worth saying, I recenty reinstalled my W10 as mentioned, because I got to point where I could only see my cursor on black screen and nothing else before sign in screen... and I tried Nvidia gpu from my friend and problem was the same, and HDD is 100% health so I think it was some system failure and not hdd or gpu. Could this two problems be related? Thanks.