Question AMD hd 4650 doesn't work on some of systems, WHY ?

Dec 12, 2020
* I am new on this forum but maybe you guys help me. That's really important for me and sorry If I have English mistakes hope you can understand them *

I am trying to make a new computer from secondhand (thrift) But I met a really crazy problem. I have AMD HD 4650 1GB DDR2 graphic card but it didn't work on GA-M61PME-S2 (rev 2.1) motherboard. But it used to work normally on this board. NOTHING happened and when I try to open gigabyte board system the screen was just black and I just could get a display on onboard graphic. Then I tried to open this system with 750ti everything was just fine. Okey then I thought mobo has problem and tried hd4650 on my current system (MSI 970A-G43) IT JUST WORKED FINE. And I also tested the cursed hd4650 on ASUS M4N78 mobo too It didn't work on this mobo too.
Methods I tried (btw always hd4650's fan works);
-Change lot of bios settings to work it properly but no result
-Vga bios update , but it looks like downgrade (Have a photo about it. Low quality because of whatsapp image)
-Changed even cpu, psu, hdd!

HD4650 with GA-M61PME-S2 (rev 2.1) no screen (ddr2 mobo)
HD4650 with ASUS M4N78 (rev 1.01) no screen (ddr2 mobo)
HD4650 with MSI 970A-G43 works fine (ddr3 mobo)

750TI with GA-M61PME-S2 (rev 2.1 ) works fine (ddr2 mobo)
750TI with ASUS M4N78 (rev 1.01) works fine (ddr2 mobo)
750TI with MSI 970A-G43 works fine (ddr3 mobo)

my current system (that hd4650's worked fine system)
-Amd phenom ii x4 945
-MSI 970A-G43
-750Tİ Strix
-8gb ddr3 corsair ram dual channel
-500w psu

*Also I can use my system's second pcı express slot I can use 750ti and hd4650 together. And it is visible on device manager
*Request me if I am missing things .I will add all of them to sort out this cursed problem.
*Also Thank you even If you read this post
*And I have a question for you ; this one is same specs with my card but visual is literally same with I tried both of them as bios update but 512mb one like bricked my card didn't even work on my current system and I flashed 1gb bios again it's worked same so why pictures different are they have wrong pictures ?
*The vga bios update image detail is stock bios to 1gb version bios update procces
*I thought like I explain it complicated so Added a quick info menu
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