[SOLVED] AMD : Is this a driver crash or should I redownload the .dll


Nov 24, 2018
Both times I had this incident occur it was right after the system booting. Pc freezes - turning caps lock on/off doesn't bring up the light on the keyboard - hard lock - forced restart. After that its working fine. I went to the "View reliability history" and saw that the moment the freezing happened the Radeon Software : Host application had stopped working and the Faulting module name is Qt5WebEngineCore.dll . I tried downloading the previous drivers - uninstalled previous ones with DDU and then installed the other ones. Didn't have the issue for around 15 days and it happened again today right after booting. I just want to know if AMD is at fault and I just need to wait for them to fix it with newer driver versions and there is nothing I can do , or maybe I can download again that .dll file - is it corrupted maybe?

Thanks in advance ( I can send picture of the error log but its in my language and it will be hard to understand , but if its needed I will check the english version of the log and translate it myself )

P.S. Since its driver related I hope posting it on graphics cards is considered the right thread.