AMD Launches 3000-series Picasso APUs, new H-Series and A-Series Processors


Jul 5, 2014
Apu's also known as Advanced Processing Units carry a SOC that can handle Graphics and Processing to the Masses the slides we all witness are future reference Chiplets that will be available in 2020 or so , during that segment they will increase core count with these APU's

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Its about time regarding the drivers. My HP Envy X360 with Ryzen 5 2500U has been an excellent laptop otherwise marred by ancient drivers. Users have found a hack to make newer drivers work and performance has improved, but its about damn time its officially supported.

It's common to provide fewer cores on laptop parts, since people are even less likely to be utilizing tons of cores on a notebook computer, and those extra cores would likely just be reducing efficiency in most cases. It might not be as practical to deal with the heat output of significantly more cores on such a device either, at least until their notebook parts make the shift to 7nm. At the very least, it's not nearly as bad as Intel designating some of their low-power dual-core parts as "i7".

It is a little odd having both Ryzen 5 and 7 parts with 4-cores and 8-threads, though I guess they consider the differentiating factors here to be clock rates and graphics cores. More odd would be the Ryzen 3 3200U and Athlon 300U, where the differences seem to just come down to moderate differences in clock rates going by the information presented here. Again, this is something that's common on Intel's processors as well though. When it comes to notebook processors, you really need to look at more than just the name to get an idea of what the processor's capabilities are like.

As for the series naming, they likely just want all their 2019 parts to use the same naming conventions, just as all their 2018 parts went under the 2000-series, despite being a mix of 14nm Zen and 12nm Zen+ parts.


The first apus for the am4 chipset we're old bulldozer cored chips that didn't carry the 1*** series Branding no idea why they didn't simply fall in line with 1/2/3 series for zen/zen+/zen 2

Guess to confuse the ill informed me


Oct 19, 2011
The 3000 series needs to be impressive in hardware, not just on a spec sheet. The problem with the 2000 series was that OEMs put the AMD chips on junk hardware with limited capabilities. 8GB of RAM with a sub-1080, TN panel display and plastic chassis? No. The 3000-series needs to show up in some capable mobile devices to build market share.


Dec 31, 2007
Well so far AMD haS DONE no real support but promise now a year and four months later AMD drivers for the R2500u w Vega 8? I'll believe it when it happens. Amd has lost me forever Intel and Nvidia from now on...PLus my neverending condemnation of HP and AMD..