News AMD Launches Threadripper 3990X and Ryzen 4000 'Renoir' APUs


May 31, 2019
Looks like Tiger Lake will be the Renoir competitor in the holiday season... Intel claims 2x graphics performance of the Tiger Lake integrated Xe vs the previous gen (Ice Lake gen11?)
IMO AMD needs to make a 4650U. Same 6/12 config but with the higher powered graphics of the 4800. Make it the ulimate mid range gaming chip.
The graphics are not exactly going to be "gaming grade" on any of these chips. 59% more performance per compute unit sounds great, but they cut the maximum number of compute units down from 11 to 8, countering much of those gains. So compared to their last generation of mobile APUs, it sounds like the graphics performance may only be improving by around 15-20% at the top-end. So, we're still talking about graphics hardware around the performance of a desktop GT 1030. Maybe you'll be able to manage playable performance in the latest demanding games at 720p with low settings, and will probably be able to push 1080p60 in some esports and older titles, but I wouldn't expect much more than that from them. These will mainly be best suited for those who want a 6 or 8-core processor and don't care about gaming, or for gaming laptops where they will be paired with dedicated graphics, allowing them to switch to the integrated when not gaming to save on power.


IMO AMD needs to make a 4650U. Same 6/12 config but with the higher powered graphics of the 4800. Make it the ulimate mid range gaming chip.
If you want ultimate midrange gaming, go for fully optimizing it: 4 cores/8 threads is the sweet spot on price/performance RIGHT NOW. If you're going for a $400 "gaming" laptop, you're not future-proofing.

Do an R3 4400U that's 4/8 with 8+ CUs. I wonder if they could squeeze 12 or 16 CUs on a processor since 4 cores would only use up one chiplet? It might be a KILLER budget gamer. Just insist that manufacturers can only pair it with 3200MHz memory or faster.


Oct 19, 2011
I think it's time for AMD to launch it's own Ultrabook-like campaign. These upcoming chips are impressive. However, AMD is not going to make the market gains against Intel that it needs in the mobile space while OEMs keep slapping AMD hardware into spec-limited, budget machines.


Oct 31, 2012
Re: laptop market share

The problem is that companies don't want to buy machines their employees can play games on. Which gives you two separate market segments : budget user / gamer (two as one) , and business users.

The former isn't profitable. As for the latter, business users care about price and power usage / duration. They might like to game, but only Mgmt. can dictate what machines to buy; the average user takes what they're given. And expressly, they won't be gaming-capable.

AMD seems to be shooting for enthusiast products while ignoring profitable market segments.
I wonder if they could squeeze 12 or 16 CUs on a processor since 4 cores would only use up one chiplet?
AMD's chiplets for their desktop processors actually have 8 cores each, which is why two of them together allow AMD to go up to 16 cores on the AM4 platform.

As far as I know, these laptop APUs won't be using chiplets though, but rather a monolithic design with the graphics, processor cores and IO all on the same chip. We might potentially see something different for their desktop APUs though, where efficiency and size is a bit less of a concern.


Honestly, I have to admit that I'm looking forward to the Desktop versions of the 7nm APUs.

I'd really like to see something that would be, say, 720p max details, or medium 1080p, that might meet or exceed GT 1030 performance. Might be too much to wish for, but I guess for a while I've always been somewhat fascinated by the idea of a super-cheap gaming system that might play on say a 720p TV.

Say, for example, something like the Micro Machine in my sig, using the A300W (or similar) as a basis, but with a 4000 series APU, hooked up to a modestly sized 720p TV, without the need for a discrete GPU. Hell, even if you include the price of the new TV (new 30-ish inch 720p TVs can be had for under $100), that would be pretty inexpensive.


Err, we've had that for years. The 2400G iGPU is on par with the GT 1030.

I thought that the 2400G did notably better with a GT1030 than it did on its own.... I could be recalling incorrectly, then.

But, if I'm wrong, then I will up my expectations - an APU that can come to around maybe 750Ti or 1050 performance. Or maybe medium settings at 60fps at 1080p (rubs hands together a la cartoon villain)
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That is possible to manufacture (see new upcoming consoles) is it profitable... most likely not (at least yet). The demand of highend desktop apus with big graphic power is very narrow. Pc Master race will buy diskrete gpu and Office people cheap and low power low gpu apus. In between is very narrow niche.