AMD Loses Raja Koduri To Intel

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Jul 15, 2012
This is the one thing that baffles me about Intel: how come they can't make a decent graphics chip? I guess this will be put to rest in the near future now.


Jul 14, 2009
Raja looks really happy in that profile picture. That's the smile of someone moving to a company where his paycheck won't bounce any more and who won't have to hold bake sales every week to raise funds for his department.

Eliad Buchnik

Apr 10, 2017
they did try it was called project larrabee , it failed to deliver by the time
it supposed to release a GPU that actually rivaled amd and Nvidia offerings (was around 2010) the are many reason why it couldn't achieve that, the main one is delays, in a market that rapidly improves overtime delay of your product could be fetal if its performance is not amazingly better.


Jun 2, 2016
He'll probably be in charge of an Altera Knights Movidius Nervana - an AIPU.

They shouldn't take another kick at an uninteresting iGPU that would fail to compete on too many fronts and be a Patent Minefield.


Jan 29, 2008
Can't tell you how happy I am about this! I watched AMD's Vega development from day one and it can be said that this man shoulders a huge part, if not all, of it's overall design [HBM2 vs. GDDR5, non-unified/complicated PCB design], performance [TDP/latency issues] and launch failure [under stocked/confusing bundles]. He didn't even have the b@lls to actually admit the shoddy effort put in by him and his Radeon Technology Group division. When all was said and done, Koduri simply put out a laughable, undeserved pat on the back statement while announcing his 3-month "hiatus"...

So fantastic news for AMD! Good riddance 8^).

The completely incompetent job he did while having all the time in the world to produce something competitive vs. NVIDIA/Intel has proven his lack of leadership and vision. Now Intel, with it's underhanded dealings, general shady business practices and having manufacturing plants in apartheid entities, can choke on him.

To quote Powers Boothe/"Curly Bill Brocius" from "Tombstone" ~ "Well...................Bye."
Well, Intel has the money to build a full "playground" for Mr. Raja. I'm pretty profanity sure he's very excited about it. I'm sure as profanity I'd be.

For all I want AMD to succeed, they are in a financial red zone still, so they don't have the massive R&D budget Apple nor Intel have to satisfy someone like Raja (this is my impression). He might have loved his time with ATI, but that Company is long gone now.

Let's see if Intel can now be competitive with whatever processor Raja ends up leading/creating. AI and GPU are most likely candidates.



May 22, 2009
It is good that the disaster-guy moved to Intel to wreak some more havoc. AMD can finally get a real talented person to lead their GPUs to kick some nvidias butt.


Oct 11, 2015
The only thing I can say, with no like or dis-like to Raja, AMD and Nvidia better amp up their game. Just like anything with Intel once they figure how to make something decent they have the capitol and the means to make it great. I would say (IMHO) in 5 years one of the major GPU players will have to shut the doors because they can't keep up with Intel. As much as I have hoped AMD/ATi would end up being top dog again in GPU's, their focus on CPU's hasn't let that happen. Of course real only down side to Intel making good GPU's is going to be Price. They will make a gpu that outperforms everyone else's GPU just enough and be the better device but will cost 75% more than the next vendor's top card.


Jun 29, 2006
Yeah, a non-compete clause would be at least 2 years at his level. As it is an IP fight is bound to be in the future. Even with Intel resources it will take a few years to get this rolling. Could the Intel-AMD graphics die deal be a payoff for the non-compete?


Feb 12, 2007
Something tells me that the chip AMD was making for Intel has two goals:

1. get a good GPU into Intel's CPUs

2. get intelligence on AMD tech, to learn how to make a GPU work with a CPU

Now they get Raja Kofuri, and announce they will make GPUs.

Intel has everything to become the top GPU manufacturer in a few years, with the best CPU-GPU chips, thanks to their massive resources. And then, Nvidia and AMD will fight for second place, because, as we saw in the past, there is no place for a third option in top-end hardware.

I deeply hope I'm wrong here.

Let me correct this:

Iris Pro IS a half-way "decent graphics chip." It competes better than their regular graphics solutions, but it still doesn't match Radeon Mobile or NVidia Mobile. It is a step in the right direction and isn't all in the same move. (in the right direction, as in what is happening with EMIB. Not so much the right direction in it was only a souped up Intel Graphics without any real architectural improvements.)

That's what bother me also. He cannot work on discrete GPU for Intel using any of the AMD patents.

Still, I think Lisa Su is better place for handling the division. Raja really made a mess. Fury and Vega were both product that underdelivered. Still, I believe the Vega 56 is an excellent card.



Jul 14, 2009

This won't do much of anything for AMD. Solely blaming Raja for RTG's performance is like blaming the manager of a small market MLB team with no budget or roster talent for their terrible performance. Then after they get fired and hired by a big market team with a roster full of all stars they're suddenly a coaching genius.

AMD is getting buried so badly by Nvidia that this move doesn't mean much to them. However, you can bet Nvidia is taking this news very seriously. Intel is one of the very few companies capable of challenging Nvidia's throne.

Really, this is great news for anyone interested in seeing competition at the high end of the dGPU market. 3 or 4 years down the line we might actually see 2 industry titans slugging it out for your business with increased development pace.

Raja also has to be thrilled that he doesn't have to put on speedos every weekend and wash cars to cover the payroll shortfall for his team.


Nov 9, 2017
I love how everyone is pretending like Raja is actually good at his job now that he's left AMD. Gotta love the narrative, like AMD lost a hidden gem. Raja is all talk, that's how we ended up with an under-performing Vega.
I do not know why so many are slamming AMD on their GPUs not being up to par with Nvidia. The only place I see that is at the high end like not having a counter to the 1080 Ti. Vega's RX 56 caught Nvidia so much off guard against their GTX 1070 that they had to scramble to find an answer for it while not getting into GTX 1080 and RX 64 territory. With a few exceptions, that RX 56 put the hurt on the 1070, especially in a lot of DX12 games. And the 8GB RX 580 being found now for $290 right at Nvidia's 6GB GTX 1060, and both cards trading blows depending on games is worth mention as well.

With all that said, I have long wished for Intel and AMD to work the architecture in their chipsets to allow CPUs with onboard graphics to work with and enhance a dedicated GPU in performance. For so many years those on board graphics on CPUs were wasted with those with dedicated GPUs. This would be even be more beneficial these days as multiple GPU support is a slowly dying platform. Of course now the trend is to just not have an APU on board in some chip variants.
In a soldered, specialized 65w BGA1440 arch at 3- to 4x the cost of a comparable AMD APU or low-end nVidia dGPU. But ... that's not my point.

Chipzilla was 'left-behind' in the graphic core 'SIMD-engine' race. CW 72-EU L4 eDRAM was simply a place-holder for the 'new generation graphics engine' from Intel. Its 'gaming' success largely lays in its massive (but costly) thru-put advantage ... but in 'heterogeneous fp32 applications' the AMD Kavari 'Cape Verde' (or Tonga?) APU SIMD engine goes head-to-head with it. Ouch.

The Zen APU adds additional Vega (Lexa?) 'CUs' to the SIMD engine ... with rumors (going back to last year) that AMD filed patents for 'variable SIMD-packing' which should increase both performance and power efficiency of the engine.

I suspect that many of the supposition(s) on Raja and the future of RTG are way off-base, and also suspect AMD is bright enough to narrow his 'work' to ways that are beneficial to both parties while not being detrimental to the future plans of either.

Plus ... the future of HPC with AMD'S IP and Intel's R&D cash likely has nVidia sweating bullets :ouch:


Apr 6, 2017
Im guessing Intel is about to infringe on some AMD patents in order to copy radeon gpus.

First: order radeon GPUs for tablet chips in order to get specs on integrating to the cpu.

2nd include some clause for "cross licensing"

3rd hire radeons engineers.

4th copy design stating "its in the cross licensing agreement"

5th laugh at how Intel broke the law again.

You have an amazing crystal ball. Can I borrow it? I want this weekend's Power Ball lottery numbers. Thanks.

But seriously, to my knowledge, the only serious thing Intel has ever been accused of, and fined for, is supposedly "abusing" its dominant position in markets in Europe against AMD for years. They were slapped with a hefty €1.3 billion fine for that in 2009 by the EU Commission (Intel was discounting and giving incentives to sell more of their CPUs to OEM PC makers and stores that sell their retail box chips, just as two examples).

However, it was upheld in the second highest court in the EU (Court Justice of the European Union aka the EJC) in 2014. The EJC stated that there was not sufficient evidence brought forward to charge Intel with unfair trade practices, specifically on how their actions affected AMD's capacity to compete against them. So now it's back to the lower court that brought the original charges. There's a reason US courts have never gone after Intel: we believe in free market competition. If AMD wants to compete, let them. They finally did with Ryzen. It only took 15 years.

Now, Intel was popped by MicroUnity Systems in 2002 with a claim that Intel stole their video and sound chip patents in Pentium III and Pentium 4 chipset and was actually convicted of it and fined (vs. just baseless unproven accusations). But ever since, nothing other than lawsuits and no big fines. You become the big guy with deep pockets, you will get targeted by baseless lawsuits. Nothing new there in either the corporate or private citizen world.
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