amd mantle pls help

Karthick Babu

Dec 12, 2013
hi..i'm looking to buy a high end gpu... i was looking for gtx 780 but the concept of mantle gets diverted me... does mantle operates only on gpu or both on gpu and cpu... and should i change my pc config????

my specs
intel i5 4670k
asus maximus hero vi
g.skill 2x4gb
corsair tx850
wd blue 1tb
cm storm trooper
corsair h70


Aug 27, 2013
To me it is a marketing deplored from a major update in driver from an APU system such as Xbox and PS4 and there are nothing huge improvement but a driver fix is all this is from mantle all the old AMD video card are going to get improved sooner or later because of this driver update nothing huge or big change into it. It all software worked over some issues to improve things from the off load on the CPU but GPU going to works as harder because of some software are driven into the driver to improve little bit of gaming. But at the same time you are not going to see a huge FPS improvement it going to take more resource into the GPU so this will slow it down. It great to improve the game developer. They just want to corner the market just like another computer corps. All this is a fix into the detail of the game by adding some special effects and coding into the driver profile. You can buy whatever you want everything still runs from OpenCL, openGL, steam process, direct X and 3D.