Question AMD Motherboard backplate retention

Jan 16, 2021
Hello. I recently bought a new motherboard . X570-f. The problem,as in title,is that ,the one of the screws of the AMD Motherboard backplate retainer screws is not budging at all. And it's completely stuck.the rest of three were able to be removed. But this one isn't budging at all. Help would be appreciated
p.s. I was wondering if I could use wd40 to remove the screw cuz the screw is in quite a bit of grinded shape


Not sure that I understand the full problem:

Are you trying to reuse the back plate from the original motherboard or remove the back plate from the new X570-f motherboard?

Any signs of corrosion around the screw?

I would not recommend WD40 at all - and certainly not applied by aerosol. If the screw is wedged in because the screw originally went in crooked then WD40 will likely be of no avail.

And could make things worse by reducing needed friction between screwdriver and screw head.

Is it possible that you can take and post a couple of photographs in order to provide a full picture of the problem?

Keep the image sharp and free of glare and reflections.