Question AMD MSI 6900XT Z Trio causing games to crash and need to restart


Sep 27, 2012
Hey Members.

I've owned the 6900XT MSI Z Trio for about a year.

I'm experiencing very strange occurrences with the card. I'll boot up my PC fine, doing my usual bits and decide to fire a game up.

It's a flip of a coin whether it will crash within 1minute or so, if I boot the game back up exactly the same thing happens again and again.

If I were to restart my PC straight after it and do the exact same as mentioned above my game will run perfectly fine and I'm a happy person.

Sometime it will crash sometimes it won't.
It's a very strange occurrence.

Upgrading from Corsair HX 1300 PSU to Seasonic PX 1300 has been helping more. That corsair PSU was alittle faulty to me and crashes way more then Seasonic.

I have disable XMP memory OC.

CPU: I9 12900k OC
Memory: Corsair DDR5
Motherboard: ASUS ROG HERO

Just curious if it's a known problem?

Google searches have been showing Spikes and various other issues with the 6900k and power draw.