News AMD Offers a $125 Ryzen 7000 Bundle: Game, DDR5 and Motherboard Discounts


May 16, 2018
Excited when I saw the title on the mobile site homepage said "$125 Bundle". Then disappointed when I click and see "Upto $125 discount on a bundle". I was ready to play the lottery, now, not so sure.

* Changed while I wrote this. Now it matches and says discount on bundle.


Oct 3, 2022
Everyone knew these things would not sell.

DDR5 = expensive
AM5 boards = very expensive
7000 series CPU = very expensive

Maybe if these prices were cut in half I would consider AMD. But I have perfectly working DDR4, I am not about to waste that. Sticking with Intel.

I am also not in a hurry to buy an expensive new mobo unless mobo makers actually give us more than 1 USB-C slot and 10Gbit/s ethernet. If these hardware makers think I am going to throw down $300 for boards that still have USB2.0 slots and only a single USB-C slot, think again.

Like I said, cut your prices in half and maybe people will consider, but at the current outrageous prices, you'll need more than a bundle and game coupon.
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Who would've thought? Things over what you're willing to pay for, end up getting good discounts if you wait. Mindblowing XD

As I've always said: AMD didn't have a performance issue, but a (platform) price issue. Great to see they're absolutely acknowledging it in every way they can... Although I'd love to see official price drops, but I guess those don't are fair to early adopters, or something...

Good news regardless for everyone in need or that just wants to upgrade.

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Apr 1, 2020
DDR5 has come down a lot in price so it's not really an issue. As I've said before and will say again, Zen 4 right now just isn't enough faster than Zen 3 to justify trashing AM4 and going with AM5, and the price of remaining AM4 gear is too low to justify people moving from 2016 or earlier gear to jump to AM5. You're looking at 8-10% faster in gaming over Zen 3 at 1920x1080 (4% area faster with the 5800X3D vs Zen 4) and up to 30% ish average in applications (using the 5950X as a comparison there for productivity), that's not exactly a lot of performance gain for the easily $900+ price of a Socket AM5 setup.


Mar 12, 2015
that microcenter deal for a 7900x, 32gb kit of ddr5 6000c36 and asus rog strix b650e-f for $600 is the best deal by far. they usually go out of stock the same day they show up in stock at my local store


Oct 3, 2022
DDR5 has come down a lot in price so it's not really an issue.

1) 32GB DDR5 is still almost double the price of 32GB DDR4.

2) If you already have 16GB DDR4, and most people do, the cost of DDR5 is a flat $60-$80 tax for 16GB DDR5.

In both scenarios you are spending a $60-$100 extra for DDR5.

The 1%-2% you gain from DDR5 is not worth that price for most people. You are much better off buying a higher tier CPU or GPU if the goal is good bang for the buck.

Of course, one could argue that you "invest in the future" by buying DDR5 now, but then again, I could just as easily wait for DDR6, or USB4, or GPU that will finally fix shader stuttering, etc.

It's a matter of perspective. To me the shader compile stuttering in PC games has become a way bigger issue than plain FPS. I assume next gen GPU will fix this, they will have to.

We are also in a period of massive inflation, where people are more worried about paying their groceries, heating and electric bills, than how much FPS they gain in Fortnite. It's not a great time for AMD to launch an expensive platform.
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Jan 15, 2021
the discount should at least 40% from current pricing imo.
current pricing is not based on inflation but based on scarce of pc component during pandemic.
at that time people forced to buy because they need to ensure they can work.

now, as we back to office the urge to buy is decreased and it can wait a while before an upgrade


Feb 17, 2017
that microcenter deal for a 7900x, 32gb kit of ddr5 6000c36 and asus rog strix b650e-f for $600 is the best deal by far. they usually go out of stock the same day they show up in stock at my local store
Yeah, that's a monster deal!
Here (in Europe) that's at least 900euros (about790$ without tax, adjusted for currency exchange rate), by picking from the cheapest stores (so you need to shop around).
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DDR5, except for really high speed kits, is not expensive, and saying so should really stop. It's priced less than DDR4 was just a couple years ago. I can get a 32gb kit of DDR5 6000, for less than what I paid for my Crucial Ballistix RGB 32gb 3600 cl16.
People are being pretty ridiculous about "DDR5 is too expensive"! They spend $1500 building a computer, or double that if they buy new graphics, but they can't tolerate $50 extra for RAM. Even if you recycle parts, the DDR5 doesn't cost much extra (and can be recycled for a future build).

The only thing that is REALLY wrong with AMD's 7000 series is that we all know 7000X3D is around the corner. NOBODY is going to do a new build for a great machine knowing that in two months, they'll release the "good" processors.


Apr 12, 2012
Like others...a while ago with the prices and scarcity, I decided to pass on the whole AMD generation here! Have a perfectly good (tho overpriced when I got it during the 'mining and bot' days!) 5-5600X CPU and working 4X8 DDR4 3200 RAM, ASUS B550 MB...and a RIDICULOUSLY overpriced XT 6700X (I am ashamed to admit what I actually paid for it in the tough 'mining heydays')...and that are all working fine. And the last build suits my current (and near-term) needs. Even considered just getting a 5-7800X3D since the price dropped, but then, i decided AMD is not helping why should i give them any sales? Next time around, I might even be talked in to an M1 or whatever they come up with next. Sorry for the rant. Oh, and the MB manufacturers have crappy over-priced, under-performing B650Ms and a single 'nosebleed priced' ROG X670M Gene...little of interest in mATX size!