Aug 27, 2011
I'm building a new computer and would like to know which processor is better

i5 2500k or AMD Phenom II X4 970

I will be using this computer for gaming along with a radeon hd 6850, the Amd is cheaper and could allow a gpu updrade however the intel is more powerful
which one should i pick?


Aug 23, 2011
I would always recommend the more powerful i5 2500k as it is also handily OC ready. If you could wait another month, AMD is coming out with the Bulldozer chipset.

Also, if you are going i5 2500k I would go with an Nvidia GPU such as the GTX 560 ti or GTX 570. Although the 6850 also performs well =)


Aug 1, 2011
Phenom II X4 is old technology. (32nm)

So, its performs worse per clock, produces more heat and consumes more power.

But, if you can change the GPU,

Then, A PII X4 955BE + GTX 560Ti will beat a i5 2500K + 6850 in gaming.

No need of the 970 as its just an overclocked version of 955. Just overclock your 955 from BIOS and you have your 970.
Most LCD monitors run at 60 Hz , which is 60 frames per second

Even though the Phenom is not as powerful as the intel processor , its usually more than capable of producing high enough frame rates when paired with a strong graphics card .
Which of those choices you make depends a lot on the monitor you intend to use since a higher resolution will benefit most from a stronger graphics card and the phenom , while a lower end monitor will be maxxed out by the 6850 and you can have the more powerful intel for non gaming tasks