Question AMD or Intel for gaming

Biggy Cent

Jan 14, 2014
So I'm going to be upgrading my CPU, Mobo, and RAM next week. Eventually I'll upgrade my GPU as well.

I'm currently running:
GTX 970

I'm debating on switching to AMD (Ryzen 5? Ryzen 7?) but I'm not positive. AMD is so much cheaper, but is it better for gaming? Will i notice that much of a difference in FPS etc?
Depends on what resolution, what Hz, what GPU and what game?

While Intel can have a lead at lower resolution with high end gpu’s at higher resolutions and/or mid tier gpu’s the difference is negligible or zero.

I game at 1440p 144Hz and had the choice of a 3700x or 9700k. I picked the 3700x and an very pleased with it. The limiting factor in my games is the gpu (2080 Super) and not the cpu.

Blitz Blitz

May 18, 2015
It's up to you. Where you live, prices, and etc. Amd shows really nice performance for price, but one thing is interesting for me, how that system longetivity. If your main purpose gaming, i'll go for ryzen.
From your current chip, yes I feel like you would notice a significant uplift in your experience.

AMD is offering the bang to buck that's laying a hurting on Intel now and so far as it looks into the future for a moment. By no means does it mean that Intel is suddenly making "junk" or that it's not worth having...but it is pretty much the same groomed over thing they have been offering for many generations now. Not even to mention the whole socket mess....anyway. As above, I would put my dollars on AMD right now. (and did)


Aug 4, 2019
Gaming wise....

.... right now who knows whats going to happend with the new CPU launch we should see this year (new intel and ryzen cpus).
If I was to pick a CPU this next week, I would go with Ryzen again (I did the jump from my core i5 3570 to the Ryzen 5 3600 Im using right now on July 2019, and I don't regret a single thing, it was huge and it drives my RTX 2070 on 1080p or 1440p without any hiccups).

The only Intel chip I would recommend (if you have the money) is the Core i9 9900K, but even that when the new Core i7 1xxxx desktop cpu goes out, anyone who got a core i9 9900K in this last weeks would be upset cause the performance should be similar (but the i7 would be cheaper). The i7 9700K is a great cpu right now, but I feel is not a good buy future wise, not only cuase of the lack of HyperThreading, but cause the new i7, as I said before it will have HT enable. As for the Core i5, simple skip them all not worth yours or anyones money.


Nov 13, 2019
The fastest gaming CPU is the i9900k, currently $529 on newegg vs a R7 3700x currently $298 on newegg (same number of cores and threads). If you consider any cpu under the 9900k from intel you might as well go with Ryzen, the i5 and i7 can't compare. Your MOBO options are also going to be cheeper for Ryzen. Just pair it with a good B450 and you are golden, or spend a little extra for x570 and you will have gen4 PCIe, Ryzen 3000 is automatically supported, and there are other features that will future proof your build. You will also be able to upgrade to a newer or more powerful Ryzen CPU down the line since AM4 will continue to support new chips, I belive till 2021, but don't quote me.

In the end if you are only going to use your system for gaming, your GPU is the most important component. Save money on your CPU and MOBO, and put that money towards your GPU. Think about it. average $200 Z390 board, $529 CPU, thats $729 for your mobo+cpu combo V.S. $114 b450 tomowhawk max and $298 Ryzen (that comes with a cpu cooler so no extra money needed). thats $317 you can put towards your GPU. So if you were already planning to add a 2070 Super, that extra $317 can get you a 2080 TI.

You also need to take your monitor into account. A good 1440p monitor can make a world of difference.

edit: but to answer your question, the difference in FPS is negligible, you probably wouldn't notice a difference.
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