Question AMD or intel for movies and photo editing

Both AMD Ryzen and Intel are good at doing those things. AMD typically gets you more processing power for less cost.
It's all relevant to a price-point/budget as well as your actual workload.

You say movies as in watching movies and not editing videos? Just watching movies and photo editing?
Threadripper seems a bit overkill for photo editing. I'm not 100% sure, but I think photo editing especially with Adobe is mostly single-threaded (*or at least benefits from faster single-threaded performance.) If you went Threadripper, you probably would gain little or actually lose single-threaded performance over the Ryzen 7 2700X. Ryzen 3000 is coming up soon, so maybe even wait for that. On the other hand, Intel is also very good and is faster at single-threaded tasks, which can include photo editing.

Is there are reason you need the perks of HEDT such as X399 (AMD) or X299 (Intel)? If not, I would recommend Ryzen 7 2700X (or wait for Ryzen 3000) or Intel i9-9900K at the MOST. You can do just as well for casual editing with a Ryzen 5 or Core i5.
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Playing video is trivial for remotely modern CPUs, especially when using a current-gen GPU which does nearly everything in hardware or a media players that can leverage GPGPU for decoding.

Load when playing UHD samples on my i5-3470 and GTX1050 in MPC-HD uses 2-3% CPU but 40-70% GPU, CPU isn't getting used for much beyond loading data from HDD and spitting out to the GPU for processing.