Apr 6, 2010
Hello, I'm trying to decide whether to stick with the reliable AMD brand (which I've never had a problem with) or go with the new i7 processor from Intel. My usage will be as follows:

-Some gaming (moderate CPU demand)
-Some DVD/Blu Ray viewing
-Moderate video editing

I've configured both of these to be right at the top of my price range, but can't make a decision on which CPU. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here are the laptops:

Thanks in advance to everyone that has constructive input!
For a laptop, any of the newer ones will play back DVD/Blu-Ray without a problem, even with a IGP.

For the gaming, it will depend more on the GPU than the CPU itself. As long as it has a decent GPU, both CPUs will prbably give the same performance unless its highly CPU dependant such as a RTS of flight sim.

As for the video editing, that goes to the Core i7 entirley. A Core i7 is faster than anything AMD has in the mobile lineup on a clock per clock basis as well the mobile Core i7 will have 8 total threads thanks to SMT which will put it above the AMD CPU easily.

My choice, since you have a mix of actual usage would be the Core i7. It will give the overall better performance for the price since you do more than just game/surf/watch videos.