AMD Phenom II 550 X2 and The Battle of 4th Core.


Feb 6, 2010
I'm brand spanking new to this community so I'm not familiar with you all, but I'm hoping at least one of you could give me a helping hand :)

Yesterday I purchased myself a new AMD CPU, the one listed in the title, to replace my Tri-Core 8750. I remembered reading up on the fact it is possible to unlock all 4 cores on said new processor, so this was my aim - as well as getting a better processor. I have tried all morning to get the little ah heck working but without any luck :(

I have an ASUS M4A79 Deluxe mobo, which should be up to the job. I have the latest BIOS update applied also.

The problem is - when I get into the chipset options, activate ACC and enable unleashing mode "4 Core Operation" and restart I receive "Unleashing Failed" and sometimes not even a boot to post menu. Now I know these CPUs are not guaranteed to work in 4 core mode, or 3 for that matter, but I don't want to give up that easy.

Can anyone provide me with some tips to try and get them working. I've heard things about changing CPU voltages, Southbridge voltages and also using a modded BIOS - only issue is I have no idea where to start!

Thank you in advance :D