AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition


Apr 18, 2012
Hi everyone. I am planning on building a new computer with the AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition and wanted to know what everyone else thinks of this CPU. I think that it is a very powerful CPU and for $200 it seems like a great deal. Everything else about the computer I am building is very cheap on purpose. I will probably spend the most money on the CPU and the graphics card (which will probably be about $500).

Another question I just thought of is which motherboard is best for this CPU? Here is one I recently came across. It seems powerful and very cheap:
OK Before the Intel Fan Boys show up, lets talk about the +'s for this CPU. its a "True" Six core performer. it will be a good future proof CPU and will handle every current game, Multi tasking is good. I have a buddy that uses this CPU, clocked to 3.7 and uses two GTX 470's and maxes out BF3 on multiple Monitors.

I will say for 20-30 more $ you can get a 2500K, or 10$ more you get the 2500. But If you just go ahead get the 1100T, a good decent Mobo, ( Chipset below the 990FX ) and Overclock it to maybe 3.6. What other parts are you getting?


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Another question I just thought of is which motherboard is best for this CPU? Here is one I recently came across. It seems powerful and very cheap:[/quotemsg]
yes thats a good motherboard, i'd buy it, But whats your budget?, try not to cheap out on the motherboard, your OS will be Built around your motherboard, so if you change it later.... you will have to re-install

I'm going to attack. Sorry guys.

Based on the link you gave if you call that "smokes", to the point of emphasizing it with capital letters, you might want to take another look. I see it performing SLIGHTLY better (see what I did there?), and on-par at the price point.
Without overclocks taken into account, you are 100% correct.

I'll go one further that lol, while its true the overclockability gives the 2500k the advantage, since it has a higher ceiling, lets go into what most people ask about on these forums:

Games.. Both the 2500k and the 1100T put out more Frame rates than the typical LCD monitor is capable of displaying (60FPS), with the exception of Starcraft II and Civilization V (never heard of it).

Final summation: For gaming, theres nothing you can do with a 2500k that you cant do with an 1100T.

They are hard to find, but well worth it if you can. We have a local shop here that has a couple left, other than that

Only 2 merchants left from AMD's site, sadly both are out of stock. I'd get their number and see if they're getting a replenishment if you're in the market for one and having trouble tracking one down.
Hi :)

I own Computer shops in the UK and I am a gamer (FPS)

I run 1100T`s in all my gaming machines...

They are phenomenal chips..i dont even bother to overclock...its totally uneeded in ANY modern game...

I run twin 5870`s (the very rare 2 gb versions) and can Ultra or Max ANY game...

Forget 2500`s they can do nothing in ANY game that my 1100T`s cannot do...

HIGHLY recommended....

Hard to find though, but worth paying a premium...

I use Asus mobos by the way....

All the best Brett :)