AMD Phenom X4 9750 Heating Problem HELP!!!


Jan 23, 2009
Hello a friend of mine has got some issues with the CPU mentioned in the title.
What's the problem? Well He recently purchased

CPU - AMD Phenom Quad-Core 9750 AM2+
MB - GA-MA78G-DS3H s.AMD 780G+SB700 AM2
vga - Sapphire ATI PCX HD 4850 512MB GDDR3 2xDVI/ TVO
HDD - 500GB Hitachi SATA2 HDP725050GLA360

All that powered on SPIRE 550W REAL POWERATX 2.2 compliant, supports: Intel P4, AMD XP & Athlon 64, Features "120mm Silent Fan, BTX 1.0a & ATX 2.2, 20+4pin PPFC & ROHS Compliant

and some really nice Spire cooler

The problem is that in intensive gaming or working with massive applications The temperature on the CPU can increase up to 75'C which is totally unacceptable
the recommended temp for that type of CPUs is 61'C in worst case
There are random restarts...obviously automatic safety measures or for example I'm playing Prince of Persia and all of a sudden the game freezes the machine reboots by itself and there's some beep beep sound from inside probably Mainboard speaker...
What can it be The cooling is decent, The PSU is awesome and there's enough voltage.....
Please ppl if u have any suggestion or advice post overhere
Thanks in Advance



Try that processor on 790x or 790fx mobo that can solve the problem and whitch ddr are you using.... must be 1066 vga 270wats + processor 100w give some reservs to overload and if it is beeping its because its overheating check the sink or thermal paste that u use....from serbia Scary