AMD Picasso and Raven Ridge 2018 May Arrive Sooner Than Expected


Jun 18, 2015
AMD creates an industry innovation that Intel will be unable to compete with ....

Product names that actually mean something.

I would love to see more along the lines of "Raven Ridge 2018".


May 2, 2011

Looks like a typo. I've heard that Global Foundries have given up their 7nm process so AMD has gone forward with TSMC as their 7nm foundry. I suspect the author meant to say TSMC instead of GloFo but I would need to hear from them to be certain.


Global Foundries decided to quite working on 7nm. But they still need to work on something, so I'm guessing they reallocated resources and ramped up production of 12nm and 14nm. Which is probably why these will start popping up sooner than expected.



I hear they did have pretty big layoffs. Maybe they're not working on another node, and plan to just keep making 14 nm as long as it's profitable?

Anyway, I'm excited for a 12 nm APU. I was tempted by the Ryzen 5 2400G, but was hoping for a little more CPU performance.


Oct 3, 2016
it might have looked "nice" from naming standpoint, but AMD should have and could have named them exactly as the way the core design was followed by number
Ryzen 1xxx, Ryzen+ 2xxx (which includes raven ridge) Ryzen 2 3xxx and so forth, or, Ryzen 2017 1xxx, Ryzen 2018 2xxx, Ryzen 2019 3xxx
(more or less like car makers do)

they could have equally "linked" the desired motherboard chipset in naming
so Ryzen 1xxx is "best used" with AM4 x170 or B150 and so forth.

I personally do not get why they did NOT use the Ryzen+ in the direct naming because when Ryzen 2 launches (true second generation) it will make it much more confusing then it needed to be when they say for example Ryzen 2 3700x...unless they just do and should have left out any mention of the naming beyond Ryzen 3-5-7 followed by model say "Ryzen 2 or Ryzen 2nd generation when it is not and adding additional confusing mention of Ryzen+ in other marketing slides could have been much more "refined"

as in K.I.S.S method...Ryen followed by model number PERIOD, on 14nm or 12nm or 7nm is "part of" the design, the end consumer does not get impacted by this nearly as much as thinking they are getting a 2nd or 3rd or 4th generation part when it may not be by naming alone.

High hopes for AMD though, Ryzen overall has brought them much needed $$$$$ to keep them alive and put a very solid kidney punch into Intel dominance of lap/desk/workstation/server AND AMD all along has been pushing more and more opensource initiatives while their 2 main competitors seem to do everything but this (Nv seems absolutely against doing this unless it is for THEIR and only THEIR products)

As far as I know, they won't be marketing any CPUs as "Ryzen 2" just as they don't market any as "Ryzen+". "Zen" is the name of the microarchitecture that the Ryzen 1000-series uses, while "Zen+" is what is used by the 2000-series. "Zen 2" should be what's used by the 3000-series. AMD doesn't really use those Zen names for marketing the processors though.



So this makes a laptop match a old gaming system from back in the day.
Something like a PhenomII X4- 955 @3.6ghz with a HD-4870 or i5-760 with a GTX280. I suppose you could either complain it wont run BF1 well or be happy and play games from that era on med to high settings with decent framerates.
Does it play Crysis? Yeah and likely pretty good. To have this in a low wattage laptop apu is great.