Jan 9, 2010
I have a computer with AMD Phenom 9600. It has Vista operating system. I have problems with speed and with some apps. Is it likely that the problems are due to the procesor or the OS?
Well to put it blatantly:

Phenom was slower than Athlon X2 and Core 2 Duo UNLESS it could use more than 2 cores and even then it wasn't that great.

As Up said, get a Phenom II if you can budget it and then get Windows 7. I liked Vista but 7 just blows it away.


Dec 22, 2009

The Phenom is slower than some listed by the other responders too, however for your concern of speed and running apps, I wouldn't say the Phenom is the culprit...I'd say your celeron or athlon would cause that. Vista runs several things simultaneously...I'd check your ram and optimize your startup. Also, check your adobe, itunes, quicktime, hp printer programs, don't autorun on startup (srtart menu..search "msconfig" far right tab is startup). Also, check that your drivers are up to date. Lastly...make sure norton isn't taking over your computer...maybe pop on avg free. And yes, windows 7 is worlds better than vista; incomparable.

For enthusiasts and gamers, yeah hearing Phenom or anything without a II behind it, if available is an upgrade call, but that processor is quite sufficient, about 1.5 generations old, but you should be fine.


Dec 9, 2009
phenom 9600 is a pretty decent quad core...What do mean by problems with speed??You wont be feeling any sort of difference as compared to other quad cores like core2quad,i5,i7,pehenom2 etc in general applications like video playback,surfing net and other lightweight tasks..But gaming,video editing etc might be slower than the other quad cores..moreover vista is incompatible with large number of apps....

While it COULD be your processor is simply not powerful enough for what you do, and being lighting fast is not what most people think of when you are talking about Vista, these are more likely your culprits.

Disk too full
Lots of temp files and internet cache you don't need.
Badly defragmented hard disk.
Not enough system memory.
To many programs running in the background.
Older device drivers that may have new faster revisions.
And lastly, you may just be getting used it to your rig. Even though it technically is just as fast now as when you first got it, we tend to get "used" to our PC's over time, and they just seem slower as they get older.