AMD processors


Feb 11, 2012
Can any1 give me the difference between
A series, FX series, Phenom series and athlon series from AMD ?

im planning to build a new gaming/designing rig...... mid range..... and i want to build using AMD components.... but i dont know anything abt AMD......
1 guy told me to wait till then end of September this year as new set of
A series processors are coming out ( trinity ).

but i want to find out as much info abt AMD processors before i buy......
A Series - I.E A8, A6 etc. They're all APUs which have a CPU AND GPU core on the same die. Great for HTPC's, budget builds, and even small little compact gaming rigs.

FX Series - 'Bulldozer' and supposed to be AMD's current Flagship CPU's. Basically they're a big flop..if you're going for the higher end FX series of chips, you're better off going with Intel.

Phenom - AMD's old Flagship CPU's, they're still very respectable today and some even outperform the FX/Bulldozer chips!

Athlon - Basically the bottom of the food chain. They're great for small gaming rigs, basic web surfing rigs, all that jazz. They're basically like APU's without the graphics core.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong...I'm going to use the "It's past 12AM" excuse... :lol: 4AM to be exact :D


Oct 23, 2009
late 2nd quarter early 3rd quarter there will be new fx chips comming out based on pile driver cores ... the current line of fx processors while perfectly capable are usually out done by a 1090t or 1100 t phenom 2 the fx 8150 is an 8 core 4 module cpu where ast the 1090t or 1100t phenom 2 is 6 logical core cpu personally depending on the game you wont notice much difference between the two the 1100t tends to be faster in some games apps then the 8150 which is the current top of the line for the fx line there are some benfits to 8150 though such as higher memory clock rates and more instruction like sse4 .. really though ... if your looking for top of the line performance just get you a 3630k or a 2500k and be done with it both are better then amd but if your looking at it from a budget standpoint you can pair say a amd 965 quadcore with a decent graphics card or cards.. if your looking for crossfire or sli personally i have a 1090t in my gaming rig.. and 2 6870s in crossfire .. i really dont have any complaints it plays all the games i want to play .. battle field 3 will utilize 6 to 8 cores in multiplayer though.. and skyrim seems to run better on the fx line more so with intel.. just saying ... id either wait till pile driver comes out or just get either an 1100t or a 8150 for amd .. other then that .. 2500k all the way..although if i had the money to sink into it a 3630k would be perfect..
Toms has many articles on the different architectures as do other sites. Here's a very short comparison from what I remember. I may be a little off.

the A series are their APU's. They include a GPU on the chip. They are great for laptops. The lano series used an older CPU and GPU architecture. Trinity is built on the new piledriver CPU cores and the GPU is built using the architecture of the 6900 series cards. Trinity provides benefits to CPU/GPU power with increased power efficiency. In general AMDs APUs loose to Intel on CPU performance but are "good enough". they also provide good battery life, are cheaper, and destroy Intel on graphics.

The Phenom II was their main processor and has been replaced by FX. Phenom IIs provide better single core performance and are generally preferred over the new FX CPUs.

Athlon IIs are just Phenoms with some cache disabled.

FX desktop CPUs are built on bulldozer modules. each module has 2 integer cores and shares floating point units and some other hardware. It is not a complete core like on a Phenom II, which means lower performance per core, but more cores on a chip. Since most consumer applications are not highly enough threaded it generally loses to the older Phenom IIs. It needs to achieve higher clock rates can right now to be competetive. its also power hungry and windows does not know how to use it properly, despite a patch. Windows 8 may fix this, but unfortunately windows 8 is a mess. FX CPUs should be avoided at least till the piledriver desktop versions come out toward the end of the year.

Finally if you are building a gaming machince you really need to go Intel. I love AMD, but they really have nothing to offer outside of the mobile space right now

Agreed...Sad how an i3 can smack around some of the AMD chips in gaming :sarcastic:


Nov 19, 2007
Most of the replies are correct, but going more technical.

A-series are CPU+GPU, amd calls it an advanced processing unit because they are inter-weaving the two with trinity. Not recommended for gaming because you will be adding your own GPU, 25-50% of the cost is wasted.

Phenom II. A fully developed cpu thats at the end of its rope. 45nm has all the bells and whistles, only BE are easily overclocked.

Athlon II - missing L3 cache on either the entire die or disabled from a PII Die (originally called Phenom II 8xx). Games are one thing that benefit from L3 cache.

FX- New in town, underdeveloped like the phenom I, has some good, some bad, mixed reviews, all are highly overclockable, possibly too much l3 cache, odd design.
Complaints: pick a website, you will find something because the only people who are happy are the people using it. AMD marketing team really painted a target on this thing and its got soo many bullet holes in it, people can't even see it anymore.

one program is slower than PII, another program is slower than SB, another program is slower than Athlon II, one website said it draws 500 watts. , IPC IPC IPC ... without realizing every single program has a different IPC result. IPC is controlled by software. Everyone latched onto one thing or another.


Feb 11, 2012
Thanks guys for the replys.
1 last thing....... so what processor should i buy ? , that will suit my needs for playing games at high settings and also use software's like Auto desk / Solidworks for designing/simulation ?
intel or amd ? which series from them ?
to 'want to use AMD' but to 'not know anything about AMD' is a bit daft do you not think?

Its like I want to buy a car, I insist on it being a hyundai even though I know nothing about cars or hyundai. if you were to say,
"but I can only use suppliers who supply hydundais/AMD's or can only afford hyundais/AMD's so whats the best I can get"
That would be fine and would be a logical decision, rather than where you are, and where you are may not give you the best outcome (it might, but it might not)


Feb 11, 2012
U know there is nothing daft abt what i asked..... u see....i now nothing/few abt AMD processors..... not other processors such as Intel..... so saying dat i dont know much abt da different cars made buy Hyundai only and know things abt other cars manufactures (intel)......

He means go with AMD CPU's if you want, but you're paying more for them than what they're worth. And for the same price, if not cheaper, Intel CPU's will perform much better.

thats what I meant, in followup to an earlier post, the OP is unintelligible though


May 31, 2012
All of you seem not to know many things about AMD. Yes, intel has better cpu's but they are expensive. But dont tell me that an i3 will do better than the FX 6100 (they cost the same !) in gaming. I own a fx 6100 and installed the patches/hotfixes and it flys with just a gt440 video card at any game ! Just do a passmark test and compaire.

flys with a GT440? thats because the 440 is barely putting any stress on it, it is the bottleneck.

we can read benchmarks

passmark is pointless.


Yea right.......keep telling yourself that. The Bulldozer will beaten by a measly dual core I3 in all but a few games. Sounds like you bought into AMD's scam of more cores/more GHz must be better. You probably also believe the 4100 is really a quad core, the 6100 is really a six core and 8000 Bulldozers are really 8 cores.

CPU Mark
This Computer 11565.0

CPU - Integer Math
This Computer 3440.8

CPU - Floating Point Math
This Computer 3995.8

CPU - Find Prime Numbers
This Computer 1631.8

This Computer 53.8

CPU - Compression
This Computer 13954.0

CPU - Encryption
This Computer 40.6

CPU - Physics
This Computer 564.3

CPU - String Sorting
This Computer 7012.2