Amd R5 330 BSOD after overclocking.

May 25, 2018
Hey guys,

I need help with my laptop. The laptop is
Lenovo ideapad 300-17ISK,
Amd R5 330,
Intel i7-6500U 2.5 Ghz,
2 sticks of 4GB DDR3 ram,

Anyways, one day I had an idea of overclocking my gpu using amd settings. I did so which in a couple of hours of gaming shut down my laptop. Everything went fine for the first 5 minutes or so after booting up, but eventually I got a BSOD stating that the computer had a "Video_TDR_failure". I tried fixing the bsod by googling it and I thought I did, but I got another bsod after that one saying "Thread_stuck_in_device_driver". I tried updating my drivers, installing old ones, updating my bios, reinstalling windows, the scannow command, cleaning the fans, cleaning the whole laptop, installing the driver without amd settings (partially worked, not sure if the pc used the gpu though), trying different outlets in the house, disconnecting the external fan thinking it was due to the usage of power, windows update, etc. I was able to fix the thread bsod a couple of times, but right after I got the video bsod. I tried setting the overclock back to default, but I still got the bsod. In some cases it appeared to work but crashed immediately after opening the amd settings. I believe that there are only 3 ways in which this situation can go:
1. Gpu got stuck in overclocked mode
2. Gpu died
3. Gpu reflow needed
I'm no expert in this field so I ask the help of more competent people here on the forum. If any info to you guys is needed I'll make sure to post it here.
Thank you guys,


What likely happened is that the overclock damaged the video card even if this is happening with the speeds at stock. As far as it being stuck at the overclock, if the system works OK for a bit, run GPUZ and see what the clocks are set to.

This is why it is not a good idea to mess with overclocking a laptop, getting a small improvement in speed is not really worth the risk of a dead system.

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