Question AMD Radeon 6800xt Green Screen No Text after driver install


Dec 17, 2015
Hey Guys,
My problem is a bit weird so here goes. (See system specs and TLDR at bottom of post)
My computer started crashing with a green screen no text once every 24 hours or so on average. It generally happened while I was AFK or the pc was idling. The temperatures on my 6800xt never went above 50c and my cpu never went above 70c. Once the crash happened the computer would try to reboot but would not complete the boot and get stuck with the white VGA light on the mobo on. This led me to believe that it was a GPU problem. Some more digging led my to believe that it could be a adrenalin problem. SO i uninstalled adrenalin but this didn't fix the issues. I cam to the conclusion that it was probably a driver issue. I decided to do a Clean Windows 10 install from a usb. Once I did this I stopped having crashes for a few days. During this time I kept the Windows display drivers only and didn't install drivers from AMD's website. After realizing that drivers seemed to be causing issues I looked for a way to install drivers without using adrenalin at all. I used 7-zip to extract just the driver from the adrenalin exe and installed it but this led to crashed happening again.
(TLDR) So now I am stuck because it seems that as soon as AMD drivers from their website are installed on my PC my 6800xt starts crashing, but not right away, usually after a few hours or once a day.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

MSI Gaming X Trio 6800xt
Ryzen 3900x
Asus Prime x570 mobo
32gb DDR4 Ram Corsair
850w corsair ax850 power supply